Tod's New Miky Bag

  1. There's also a size that's smaller than the Medium. Don't know the dimensions but they have it in the US boutiques. :smile:

  2. yeah, now I think the navy is really sharp too. If that is your first love, get that.
    I guess I am always a taupe person so that is why I said you should get that.....but I think you like the navy the best?? It does look nice.

  3. the brown was my first choice..i just think the navy IS amazing....guess we'll have to see what comes in the mail:graucho:
  4. Interesting! :smile:

    I have used mine this week and I love it!:biggrin:
  5. oh......OH!!
  6. What?? Have I missed something here?? :lol:

  7. The rusty orange just popped up on the US website in the small size! So, it does exist! :p
  8. I bought the medium size in black over the weekend! :graucho:

    It is gorgeous! The leather is really soft & smooshy. I didn't think I would like using the shoulder strap...but I really do! Using the shoulder strap gives the bag a more casual feel...wheras carrying it by the short handles gives it a dressier look. :p
  9. The medium is approximately 5.5"D--I think you are right and that they swapped the depth measurements between the medium and large. :smile:

    Also, the shoulder strap is not a usable 37.4" --it is doubled up so the actual usable length is approximately 22".
  10. oooh!!

    Regarding the soft and smooshy - - yum! :graucho:

    Very cool!

    hey I noticed the different looks, too.... on Jessica Alba, I can see how it looks carrying it different ways....yeah you are right, it does look different and dressier with the handles....
    interesting..... looks like a completely different bag depending on which way you carry it, huh
  11. Can you post a link. I don't see it. TIA
  12. Click on Shop Women and then on Handbags.
  13. XBWAKRH0200GS1680G-F1-Small-Leather-Shoulder-Bag-Dark-Brick-Brown-and-Papaya-Red.jpg XBWAKRH0200GS1680G-I-Small-Leather-Shoulder-Bag-Dark-Brick-Brown-and-Papaya-Red.jpg
  14. Thanks. That's a beautiful shade. I searched three different ways and nothing came up. I see it's not available yet. Too many choices....
  15. It really is a versatile style. :smile:

    It's got three or four different looks depending on how it's, it's not delicate leather like the d-bags which are prone to scratches.