Tod's New Miky Bag

  1. The Miky bags are now available to order on
  2. Hope you guys don't mind the massive quote...but what color should I get:


    My first choice was brown (because it's different ) then I saw the navy (simply amazing and blue is my fave color...any shade) but I don't own any black bags.....and this would be a great one to have. BTW,I don't need anything, pure wants
  3. hmmm..... I like the brown best right now.
    Sorry though, if you like blue. How much do you love the navy??

    get something later in black. This one is too cool to get black, get a "color" :smile:

    Keep us posted!! :graucho:

    I just can't name it, but for some reason I think this style looks best in the brown/taupe combo.
  4. I agree with gratefull. I'd go for either the blue or taupe combo. Those are the colors I'm eyeing as well.

    I saw the light beige in the medium and large sizes this weekend. The pebbled leather is amazing, soft yet lightweight. Love the contrast of the colors and the combination of the smooth and pebbled leathers together. Also like that the long strap is wider, much more practical for real-life use.

    At 5'6" I thought the medium might be a little small for everyday use unless I pare down what I usually carry. I preferred the large size. I hope there's going to be a large one in blue!

    Good luck with your decision!
  5. If blue is your favorite color go with the navy! I think navy can be as neutral as the black one. Would probably look gorgeous with blue jeans or brown slacks.
  6. Go for black! :graucho:

    You already have a good selection of brown bags!
  7. Jessica Alba has the new taupe Miky!
  8. One more...
    jessica-alba-082112- (4).jpg
  9. This is a hard decision. Were it me, I would get the navy, because a good navy bag can be really hard to find, and I've been looking for something navy for a while.
  10. More photos of some of the exotic Miky bags.
    P1010371.jpg P1010370.jpg P1010374.jpg
  11. I found this one yesterday


  12. Oh, my! Another gorgeous bag! Wonder what the price points are on the exotics?

    I am so obsessing over these new Miky bags! I'm scouting my second Tod's bag, and I haven't even gotten my first one yet, LOL!

    My orange D bag is supposed to be delivered next week. Can't wait!
  13. Online, the python is 2665.
  14. For me I would choose the brown. I like the bicolour combination. I also like the black. But between your lines I read that deep in your heart you are longing for the navy one, aren't you? ;) I must confess it's really a very beautiful tone of blue.
    No matter, which colour you'll choose - the leather will be great.

    How right you are! That was also my first thought.
  15. I love the exotics!! Now, if I only could find a bag of money laying around...haha!