To what depths have human beings footage is not plesant

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  1. although i did watch the video i agree with you 100%
    very sad to watch
  2. Very sad... I couldn't even listen to the commentator even... I felt sick...
  3. It is so shocking but I think we are really helpless to do anything about this.
    However, if enough people write to the Chinese government who knows.
    Not to go off topic but tonight I listened to news article where people there are taking fertility drugs that can be bought over the counter so that they can have multiple births to get around the one child to one family law. One family had another child & had to give it away! My God this country is truly barbaric!
  4. Seeing the cow getting eaten didn't bother me. You see that on the Discovery Channel all the time. Seeing the tiger being held for people's amusement did. Tigers should be allowed to run free.
  5. Oh God, that poor cow being just dumped there with no defence & it's cries while being eaten alive wrenched my heart. The tigers were not the ones suffering.
  6. I have not seen this and will probably not see it by reading all of your comments... Eeeek...

  7. But in the wild the predator's prey has the oppurtunity to run away to defend this instance, they are surrounded by walls that they can't escape from.

    Its not a fair 'fight'.
  8. ^
    I agree with you Couturegrl, but the video itself wasen't very "offensive". I was expecting something like the PETA videos.

    And yes, I do believe that it's wrong, but if you consider what how they train gymnasts from a very young age, this isen't a surprise as these are "mere" animals in comparison.
  9. The news article also showed bears that were made to haul cars etc. until exhaustion I forgot to mention that!
  10. Jesus...I'm speechless...

  11. I couldn't even bring myself to watch the video.

    I think that the country's leaders should be ashamed that they allow such brutal treatment to kids and animals.
  12. It is so horrendous does anyone have any ideas on how to really bring our horror effectively to the Chinese government?
  13. thats the problem. the Chinese government is not interested in our individual concerns. especially from private citizens from western culture. they will gladly take our money but our ideas and morals are not welcome.
  14. ^^^^^^^
    Such a shame :sad: I thought at least they might want the Western World to think well of them & this would be a start.
  15. they don't give a crap what we think. most governments don't. and when I say governments, I mean the people in charge, not the citizens. hearts have to change before people can change. and where theres power, theres corruptness. good luck changing that.:sad: