To what depths have human beings footage is not plesant

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  1. This is so DISGUSTING! I clicked on the link and soon as I saw the cow drop from the car..I couldn't bare to watch it anymore. It's absolutely horrible. I feel really disgusted knowing that this happens everyday around the world.
  2. I can't watch this either. How do you change whats inside people? Education. The bummer here is that the Chinese government controls what the Chinese people are exposed to when it comes to information/education. Very frustrating.
    And BTW, this does not happen everyday around the world.
  3. Thank God that it doesn't bags but you know what when you think about bullfighting in Europe another grotesque sport, there is a massive amount of education needed worldwide!
  4. couldn't agree more. I wish bullfighting, running of the bulls etc. would just go away. and don't get me started on cock fighting or dog fighting - yeah I know theres alot of injustice - I've just never heard of any legitimate zoo feeding their carnivores like this.
  5. ^^^^^
    Oh God yes bags dog fighting,cock fighting etc. unthinkable.
    Once we had a pet dog just disapear into thin air despite days on the roads searching for him, it was my horror that he had perhaps been stolen for dog fights, huh why did I even think back to this!
    There is so much cruelty to animals in this world, makes me sick! Even the poor racehorses so many beautiful beasts being killed in races like the UK Grand National - the infamous Beachers brook jump! I just wish it would all go away!
  6. OMG< Im sorry, but that just made me really upset.. those people are some sick mothereffers!!!!
  7. Bloody Hell !!! This is so incrediably horrific ! Very very hard to watch. Yet there are children that are accustomed to seeing this as entertainment. Ugh !

    I'm mortified beyond belief !
  8. ^^^^^

    Yea Prada almost makes you ashamed to be of the human species! Animals kill to live never for the hell of it!
  9. ^Exactly!
  10. So bloody stomach-churning. I can't understand the glee of the onlookers. I mean, why? I just don't understand.:sad:
  11. This is absolutely repulsive:cursing:!
    I will never understand how anyone with a grain of sense or a human heart beating within them could gain any pleasure from viewing such outright cruelty :crybaby:.
  12. WTF? Why is everybody on the bus so excited and happy looking?? And the children!?? My little girl would have had a heart attack if she was on that bus.
  13. Very good point Gina, so would most children, they would be horrified. I cannot imagine what mine would have been like, crying & screaming.
    It is a real tragedy that these children have been reared to be so callous & cruel, does not augur well for how they will behave as adults & so the cycle of abuse will perpetuate itself!
  14. I am just at a loss for words.....
  15. :cursing: That is some really sick sh*%.DISGUSTING, HORRIFIC, and the people that go to watch it are just as sick as the ones that do it. UGH