To what depths have human beings footage is not plesant

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  1. I can't bear to watch the video...what is it of? :sad:
  2. I have not watched it again, but think its of the same thing I saw yesterday - see my thread I feel sick.

    BagAngle this is the most awful inhuman thing, I still have images of it in my mind. Its also the chinese people I cannot get my head around all the laughing and clapping and its a family outting with children so young.
  3. I can't believe this. Little children clapping and everyone smiling at these animal parks. Disgusting.
  4. It is of a park of tigers, buses full of curious & jeering day trippers are circled round then a truck dumps off a live cow & they eat it alive while these losers bring children to watch. The cow takes a long time to die.
    There is even a hatch on the bus to throw out live chickens
    I was thoroughly sick & feel so helpless to stop this!
  5. Sorry Saich, I didnt know you had a thread on it,mods can merge if they wish.
    It is so shocking! How will these children grow up? No respect for life so the killing cycle goes on. People who derive entertainment from this sort of thing have to be evil!
  6. That's just horrible v.v;
  7. My goodness :wtf: I am sitting here with total disgust. How can they do that! That is absolutely horrible :sad:

  8. I just had to say something yesterday ragarding this, it just turn my stomach all day. Words cannot describe how I feel about a lot of the Chinese people who have this such awful attitude and disrepect for animals.

    I know the Chinese have people out their trying to change their people attitude but its just not working, we need a huge out cry from the rest of the world to stop this
  9. After reading what this video is about, I just cannot watch. its just way to disturbing and it will be imbedded into my thoughts for a long time.

    I know that each culture has its own beliefs of acceptable and unacceptable..but dang..where's the humanity?
  10. That is so disgusting. I also chose not to watch it because I was pretty sure it will be something about animals being abused or hurt. Animals eating other animals is part of the cycle of survival of the fittest. In with wild, this thing happens all the time, and we should not get upset seeing other animal being eaten by other animals. What I cannot accept is that some people are using this as an entertainment or sport. Worse, letting kids see this kind of savagery desensitizes them. Kids growing up into adults lacking in compassion just makes me sad.
  11. While I agree animals do eat other animals in the wild, but it is in the wild open spaces where each animal can run. This is a group of Tigers being feed a live cow, duck etc. that animal has no where to run to its been bought into an inclosure and attacked for the enjoyment of the chinese.
  12. It is totally barbaric that anyone would derive entertainment from this vile act
  13. Im feel as if im going to punch a fu#@!%g whole in my monitor right now!!!! My god!!!
  14. Thanks for the warning. I can't bring myself to watch it.