To the curly-haired girls!

  1. What do you use to keep your curls under control?

    I've tried all different shampoos and conditioners and have found that the one that works best for me is Pantene Hydrating Curls. And it costs half of what some of the other shampoos I've tried have cost.

    And after I wash my hair, Curls Rock saves my hair from looking like a big frizzball. (Except on days when it is 85 degrees and humid...nothing can save my hair then!)

    Just curious what works for you ladies! :yes:
  2. I use the Curls Rock line (shampoo, conditioner, leave in moisturizer and curl booster). Which of their products do you use?
  3. I've been using Aussie Moisturising shampoo and conditioner for a while now, as well as their hair cream, I think it's called Dual Personality. It's anti frizz and leave in conditioner at the same time, which makes my curls really defined and natural (not crunchy or frizzy at all). This line is also quite cheap, I think the big bottles go for like, 5 USD or so. Their 3 Minute Miracle which is like a deep conditioning treatment is also fab!!
  4. I use Garnier shampoo and Nivea leave-in conditioner for brunettes. And sometimes Charles Worthington anti-frizz.

    Putting your still-wet hair into a bun reduces curls a bit.

    I finally love my curls! Always wanted straight hair but now I'm happy with what I've got. :smile:
  5. I've got incredibly curly hair and I use AVEDA 'BE CURLY' shampoo & their conditioner. Then I use MOP styling cream for curly hair and mix it with Aveda 'Be Curly' creme. Then I just leave it to dry naturally. Sometimes it turns out nice, sometimes it still goes frizzy.
  6. I use Garnier Fructis Shampoo and Conditioner Curl Shine

    And I also use Frizz Ease Temporary Relaxer, then Tre Seme Frizz control gel and let my hair air dry....curls are tame and super soft.

    I use to use L'Oreal gel for curls which was my fave and my hair came out great and i think they stopped making it because I can't find it anywhere....can anyone recommend a good gel? I can't use Mousse it dries my scalp. Thanks!
  7. I use the Curl Booster after I wash my hair.
  8. I have super wavy hair and lots of it but i just use a moisturising haircare range (or a colour one - i alternate a lot) and if i am not straightening it, I put Trever Sorbie Curl Cream (I think its this brand, i will check) in my hair when wet and i get frizz free waves all day. Its a good product.

    Oh, and do not waste your money on the Matrix curl shampoos and conditioners or the hair milk stuff. Absolute crap.
  9. Do any of you straighten your hair on your own at home? i would like to straighten it more often but i don't want to constantly spend money at the salon. Mine is really curly and kinda frizzy at times...what do you use?

    I would have to do blower then ceramic iron. but i want to avoid my hair from getting more dry and damaged

    what products do you use?
  10. i have a lot of naturally wavy/curly coarse hair and the only thing i've repurchased for my curls is the paul mitchell sculpting foam. when my hair is very wet still, i put the foam in, scrunch or twist in sections, then i follow with a couple spritzes of a sea salt spray. a few minutes under the diffuser, and that keeps my waves/curls looking and feeling soft all day!
  11. I use the Bumble and Bumble line. THe Curl Conscious shampoo and conditioner followed by the curl creme. Then I usually let it air dry or use a diffuser on low if i have time. If I wear it straight, I still use these products because it tames frizz and fly aways and I blow dry it then use a ceramic flat iron very hot, but run it through quickly.
  12. I usually use Garnier shampoo and conditioner. I like the Curls Rock like too.

    When I straighten my hair, I use the Brilliant Brunette shampoo and conditioner. I also have a Sedu flat iron that works really well.
  13. I have found this site to be a great resource:

    I have been a bit bummed lately though because after years of blowing it out, I now want to wear my hair curly...and it looks awful when I do. I feel like I ruined it with the straightening. Now it is frizzy and half curly and half straight. Anyone else suffer from this?
  14. I use Curls Rock too and it's the best stuff that I have found after trying a lot of different products. Make sure not to play around with your hair at all while it is drying, that will make it frizz. If all fails, I put my hair up.;)

  15. go to the salon and get a hair treatment. my hair was horrible when i got back from vacation last week: sun, salt water, humidity, chlorine. So i told my hairdresser to give me a good treatment and my hair is super soft.

    you can also try the vo5 hot oil treatment or use a leave in conditioner for dry damaged hair.