To all new Victorine Wallet owners

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  1. do you found the little item is worth the price? Do you like the coin pocket? Please tell me your pros and cons.
    Thank you in advance;)
  2. it's functional to me therefore it is worth the price. Coin compartment is small but I use for emergency only and transfer it to my coin purse at the end of the day!
  3. Thank you for your input:smile:Pity that nobody else can tell me more. Tomorrow I will see it.
  4. Yes it is worth it. I use the coin compartment to hold my medical Id, cpr, and professional license cards as I don't access them daily or weekly for that matter. I don't see how it wouldn't be worth it as it's super fx for me at least..
  5. Funny, as I was debating between Victorine and Rosalie. I know Rosalie is tiny but... maybe that is what I need. :smile:
  6. I really like the looks of the Victorine on tpf but need more card slots. I had been wondering if the coin pocket could hold cards. How many cards do you think will fit? Thank you and I hope you enjoy your wallet!

    OP - please post back after you see the wallets tomorrow. I can't wait to hear your thoughts and possibly a reveal :smile: Have fun tomorrow!
  7. I thought I heard someone say they fit 17 cards in the Rosalie. I haven't heard anything about how many someone maxed the Victorine out on.
  8. Thank you, I will see. I have not so much coins, but a little bit she will hold, I hope. For more cards I have a extra card holder;)

    Rosalie on pics looks very cute, but for me is it not what I need. Good luck to decide for you;)

    For more cards I have a extra card holder and only the important cards will fit in my wallet. I want a smaller wallet as my sarah for my eva and another little bags or also for bigger bags. I will inform you, what my choice is today.;)
    Oh I think Rosalie is more a card holder as a wallet, isn´t it?:biggrin:

    Thank you all for input. I am very excited to see Vic today and hope I have a nice SA.
  9. I think technically Rosalie is called a coin purse actually! I saw it listed as that somewhere.
  10. It is worth! Because I use it in my favorite and twist. Maybe the coin compartment is just a bit to small if you use euros. But if not, then it is perfect.
  11. The 17 cards comment is from a YouTube reveal video. However I can only fit 7 in mine without it being too stuffed.
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  12. Oh yes, the coin pocket is very small. Thats a little my headache and I will decide for a moment. And the card slots are very stiff. but perhaps only the beginning? I purchased it, because it was the only one in RB and I had reserved for me here pics -please sorry for the black cuts, but now best place with daylight to make pics and behind personality things;)RB is empty yesterday and today they told me. Only fuchsia will be come.

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  13. Later I have more pics in comparison with Eva clutch, Sarah wallet OM and the 6 Key dinner time
  14. here pics comparison - who cares

    Eva clutch
    Sarah OM wallet
    Victorine wallet RB
    6 Key holder

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  15. Thank you for these pictures. I am considering buying this wallet because it seems like I am forever on the hunt for a new compact wallet where I don't have to fold the bills. I'm currently using the empreinte secret wallet (I think that's what it's called), and while it is a smaller wallet it's not really as small as I would like.