Tips or suggestions for cleaning diamonds

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  1. I've been using ammonia and water in an ultra sonic for years to clean my diamonds. However, one of my diamonds is treated (I know, most people wouldn't buy treated diamonds but I wanted bigger and this one is well cut and sparkly).
    I just learned you're not supposed to use ammonia on treated stones. I've gotten away with it for years but now wonder if I should either change to cleaning with warm water and soap or get a steam cleaner.

    The steam cleaner recommended earlier on this thread from HSN is now $159. Wonder if it works better than an ultra sonic.
  2. I would not advise a steamer for a treated stone. The heat could cause cracking or damage the treatment. Just stick to warm water and soap.
  3. Used to use vinegar but now just soap and water with a soft nylon scrub brush. The brush stays on the counter and I move the diamond/s around.

    Last time I took my jewellery in to Tiffanys it was cleaned with steam. Keep meaning to try holding a piece over the mouth of a kettle to see how that works.
  4. it's my understanding that a jeweler using a torch could damage a treated stone but I've never heard that steam cleaning would be a problem
    thanks for weighing in
    I just learned that ammonia isn't good because I was doing a search re cleaning softer semi-precious stones like Turquoise
  5. A friend of mine who used to be a manager at T&co recommends a cleaning product called Simply Green. She recommends soaking your diamonds in it them rinsing off. It's biodegrade able and non toxic.
  6. Simple Green is a cold water non toxic degreasing cleaner and works great for making your diamonds sparkle.
    Dilute it with water and go to town!!! ;)
  7. what about Dawn dish detergent? I think that cuts grease too - famous for cleaning oil off birds. I happen to have this on-hand. Tried just swirling my rings in there, rinsing and wiping with a microfiber towel. Seemed to work OK.
    I guess I could also use soapy water in the sonic cleaner (as opposed to the ammonia solution I've been using).
  8. Dawn/dish soap is excellent for almost everything. It's gentle and cuts grease, which diamonds have an affinity for.
  9. Yes, Dawn works just as well.
    I recommended Simple Green since it can be used for all types of general cleaning and it works great on clothes in the laundry. It's our "go to" cleaner.
  10. This + the ultrasonic works wonders for me. I used to have to really work at getting all the junk out of my intricate jewelry; now I just pop it in the ultrasonic with water a drop or two of dish soap and its so shiny and clean! :happydance:
  11. Totally agree!
  12. Anyone know (or Ame) where to get that sparkle sparkle solution? the Nventa website is down and I cant seem to find it anywhere!
  13. Can you not soak white gold in hydrogen peroxide?
  14. Not sure if it is good or bad to do this but I use baby shampoo, warm water and a tooth brush
  15. I believe through them is right now the only place to buy the Platinum version. Since they're working on their site, call them, I think on their page right now they have the phone number.