Tips or suggestions for cleaning diamonds

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  1. I've been cleaning my engagement ring with an old toothbrush and soap. Is there a better way to make it sparkle? Please share your tips!
  2. I bought a jewelry cleaner from the Sharper Image. It works great! I bought mine a few years ago, so I guess this is their newest version.

  3. Ultrasonic machines like the Sharper Image are a great idea, however, be careful! If your ring has colored stones, for example rubies - which are softer than diamonds, it can damage them! Also if you have a lot of delicate pave work in your ring, ultrasonic machines have been known to cause stones to fall out. However, ultrasonic machines give the best clean for all other types of rings.

    Personally, I just soak my jewelry in jewelry cleaner solution and polish them with a jewelry cloth. You can get Connoisseurs (sp?) brand at any Walmart-type store, or get a house brand from your jewelry store. Some people find that diluted ammonia or diluted Windex also shines diamonds.
  4. I use the Sharper Image machine for my wedding rings and I use Mr. Clean as the solution in it. It's much cheaper than buying the Sharper Image solution.
  5. I take mine to the jeweler to have it cleaned. It's on my way home from work, and they'll clean it anytime at no charge.
  6. i'm too afraid to mess with my jewelry by cleaning it myself with any machine or solution so i get it done by my jeweler. if i'm buying something they'll do it FOC. if not, i just pay them a little something. i'm happy to do that to protect my babies
  7. I just drop my ring off at my jeweler as well :smile:
  8. i will clean mine at home with that red jewelry cleaner (conissurs) and then when I am at the jewler I will have them steam it
  9. I have a steamer from my jeweler that I often use OR if Im on vacation and I do not have anything handy I will use a toothbrush, and toothpaste! It really can make my diamonds sparkle nicely!! Or just good ol fashion jewelry cleaner.
  10. soak in water and a few squirts of windex...then brush.
  11. I put a lil bit of dishsoap in a small cup of water and heat it up. When it's superhot I soak my rings in it for a couple minutes. Then, I use a toothbrush on it. A lady at a jewelry store recommended it.
  12. Toothpaste and a soft toothbrush. Works better than any commercial cleaner I've tried.
  13. I take it to the jewelers as I'd probably damage it if I did it myself - they give it a good clean and check for damage/loose stones etc for a reasonable price.
  14. Anything with real diamonds and gold or platinum I soak in hydrogen peroxide. You can actually see the bubbles cleaning away the soil. Gives your diamonds an awesome shine almost effortlessly.
  15. more lv, a soak or dip in alcohol after cleaning will make it shine, too....