Tiffany & Co Star of David Pendant

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  1. Does anyone have this? Could you post modelling pics so I can check the size when on? On the site it says it's a size small on a 16" chain.
    Thanks in advance....
  2. Oh what memories! I recieved this necklace when I was 12 for my Bat Mitzvah from an aunt. I wore it to school three times and was ridiculed immensely. I could not take the "Satan star" harrassment, so I buckled and exchange it. I would not go back to Jr. High or high school for anything! Luckily, I have developed a backbone!

    I love this necklace and totally forgot about that whole incident....
  3. Aw thats awful! Kids can be so cruel :tdown:
  4. i think it is a really cute necklace
  5. Can't see the pic!
  6. A Jewish friend of mine has this in silver, it's very sweet!
  7. Rachael, I haven't seen this one in person but I believe that in general, "small" pendants at Tiffany's are around penny sized- pretty dainty, but nice for a discreet everyday necklace. Have you tried emailing the website customer service to ask for the dimensions? That should help you visualize how big the pendant is.
  8. kam, that story breaks my heart...i bet it was such a beautiful necklace. i think middle school is the worst time of life. i dread my children reaching that age, it is so painful!
  9. I'll try doing that, thanks. I have the small tiffany bean and love it. My SO is called David and I thought 'star of david' would be quite sweet :love:
  10. Here is my friend with hers:

  11. Oh, I really really love this one :heart:
    Does tiffany sell this in stores anymore?
    I found it on a different site, called but already having second thoughts about buying it there. May not be the real thing.. :sad:
    Can you see is it?
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    I think it's more like "kids can be so STUPID"

    Are the youth really so dumb they can't tell the difference between a star of david and a pentagram? Sadly I think yes, they are that stupid.

    Nowhere on the site do they guarantee authenticity, they don't even bother lying about authenticity. If they were really buying from Tiffany, wouldn't they have certificates of authenticity and advertise as such?

    Plus, every item has this in the description "When you buy your [product] at , you buy with confidence. You will find your choice is very right."

    Sounds like "Engrish" to me, and they claim to be an american company. There is more iffy English on the site. I haven't seen the authentic version, but a quick google search shows me the pendant you're looking at, looks exactly like the fakes.

    Looks fishy to me, but what do I know? Just my two cents.
  13. Ok, thanks. I save my money to get a real real one :smile:
    I email to tiffany and ask a few questions about this pidgeon..
  14. You could also send an email to the site you're looking at. Sometimes they are honest in the email and tell you they are selling replicas.
  15. Are you talking about the one with diamonds?