Thoughts on my new bag..A Reveal

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  1. HeyChar, Jessica1981, Swissgirl, Mammabyrdie, Ulikeymahpurze, Bpurse, LVMommy, Coachclst, Mekinfrance, CMM, La Petite Femme, DisCo, Kite214, Coral3, OnMyMind04, GabLVoesvuitton, Fairy-bag, Joy&LV, ShalomJude, EmilyL, Coleab5, r15324, Lab3I_L01@, Jilly, Hot4LV, Lisalovesshoes, Ihasalove, Brianamax, NikonlineSofiek-You all are so sweet! Thanks so much for the kind words. :biggrin::biggrin:

    The bag is growing on me. Sadly, the weather were I live hasn't been nice so it's still in it's dust bag. It's suppose to be nice this weekend and I plan on using it.:yahoo:
  2. I'm glad you've seen the light, girl! :sunshine: He is! He totally is! Sexiest Man Alive! :drool:

    LOL, and back on topic (you know how I can easily steer any convo to Rob) :P I'm glad you'll be able to take your new bag out this weekend! :biggrin:
  3. congrats!
  4. WIA-Thanks so much hun. I'm going to break her out this weekend. Can't wait.l

    Needlv-Thanks so much.

    I'm really starting to love this bag. I think the Neverfull is a great bag for everyday.
  5. congrats! that's one lovely bag...
  6. Great choice! Keep it.
  7. I think you made a beautiful choice! Love it congrats:ps::tup: