Thoughts on my new bag..A Reveal

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  1. ohhhhh i lurrrvvvv pink!!
    it's a like a twist of the stephen sprouse roses neverfull with pink lining, but , sort of more personal to you - due to the initials..
    i'm sure u'll look fabulous with it!
  2. Congrats!
  3. Congrats!
  4. it looks great! congrats and enjoy!
  5. Cute...and it's uniquely yours!
  6. Congrats!! :smile:)
  7. Loving the colour combo. Congrats :nuts:
  8. Looks great! I love it! Congrats!!
  9. that is one beautiful bag..... love the color choices !
  10. I love the color combination!! Pink is my favorite color, and the grey looks wonderful paired with it. Congrats!!
  11. Eva Lv, Dallsgirl, Lilmountaingirl, Sophiae, Clu13, SpoiledRoyalty, Awhitney, Princess Saf, 19flowers,Jelita78, Sugarae2000, Heymom, Baglover1973, Yikkie, Adriana89, Ms_Max, Inginga, Lv*Style, and BagLoVera-Thanks so much! I really appreciate it.

    I'm so happy you all like the color combo. Pink is my favorite color and I wanted a neutral to go with. I really liked the grey with it. The colors look really well together and they stand out. I think they stand out more than I thought they would, that may by why I was so unsure. I love the neverfull bag, it's such a great bag for everyday.

    I'm sure I will grow to love it. If I love a bag right away, I usually end up not liking it at all. Is that weird?

    Thanks everyone for your feedback. Hugs.
  12. i think i actually know exactly how you feel. it's the same way i feel about my mon monogram. i like it, but the colors weren't quite how i expected them to be. it's an i like it, but not an i love it. i expected to love it. *sigh* it is certainly nice to have something that's pretty much one of a kind. i think it looks great. :smile:
  13. Yes hon, that is weird! :lol: I hope your feeling towards loving a bag upon first impression and then changing your mind thereafter doesn't extend to a certain Hollywood man, too. ;) :heart:

    I love it! I think the burst of color with the pink lining is fab, and I love the pink/gray together! Tote it about and strut your stuff! :winkiss:
  14. LVoe it esp the lining :woohoo:
  15. In my honest opinion, I think the neverfull should be left alone as they are. I don't like the extra designs on it because it makes the bag look too busy. It almost ruins the "classic" feel to it.