Thought Coach had a lifetime warranty?

  1. I purchased the large madison sabrina black pilot bag last august and the black leather near the zipper starting fading to blue (as well as the brass in places were turning black). I mailed it in to customer service with a copy of my receipt and after two weeks I received the bag bag stating sorry, but too bad (basically). Obviously I was outraged. After spending $650 on a purse (includes tax), owning it for little over a year, showing minimal signs of usage (come on ladies, we don't carry the same bag for a year) and Coach NOT standing behind their product. I called customer service and Alexis P. (some associate), asked me to mail it back in to her attention so that her supervisor could evaluate it personally. I haven't sent a purse into Coach in over a decade so I'm not sure of the protocol. But I do know, that one reason that made it easier for me spend the upsurd $600 was that I thought Coach was guaranteed for life. Any ideas?
  2. I would go into a Coach store. Typically, they will cover the cost of shipping and can detail what is going on with the bag for Alexis P. It's been ages since I last had to send in a bag but from what I've read here, the SAs play a part in determining whether they attempt to repair the bag or if they simply offer a credit. Do you have a picture of the bag? I'm just curious to see how it's wearing since I have picked up a number of Sabrinas in the past couple of months.

    Best of luck with getting this resolved.

    Oh, and based on your post count... welcome to tPF!! :welcome2:
  3. Thanks for the welcome! Both times I sent it in was via the store, so maybe I should ask them if they "checked a little box"?

    The same time Coach came out with these slouchy doctor style bags, many other designers came out with them also. I choose Coach over the others because it was cheapest, but that is a mistake that won't happen again.

    I assume Coach's quality has gone by the wayside since it is now a highly popular brand.
  4. ITA with Johnnie, take it into a Coach store. There is a limit on the lifetime warranty to whatever Coach considers its "natural life," but I don't see how that's anywhere close to one year, and Coach usually does stand by their products. Any decent SA will get it sent in for you or give you a credit or discount on the spot. I had a small problem with a bag I bought a few months ago, I took it in and my SA offered to either send it in for repair or give me a 40% discount off an entire purchase and I keep the bag. If the bag had still been in stock he would have just replaced it for me. I finally used my discount on two new bags and a key fob, so I got back the FP of my original bag plus I got to keep my bag.
  5. The warranty is for the lifetime of the leather, not your lifetime. Also, the SAs have no effect on whether a bag can repaired or not. At least, I know outlet employees don't.

    How did you store this bag when you weren't using it? I'm with johnnie, can we see pics? I have a black Sabrina and I haven't had problems with her, I'd like to see what I should be looking out for.

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  6. This soon and a letter with the bag back?! TOTAL BS and rather scary to us Coachies IMO!!! I wonder if they tend to blow off pilot bags?! NOT that this is right in ANY WAY!!!

    Let us know what you find out because I'd be OUTRAGED!!!!
  7. I would go to the FP store and try again. Coach does have a lifetime warranty on hardware and they need to stand by it.
  8. As others have suggested, take your bag into a Boutique and have them send it back to JAX, but to the attention of Alexis P. You will likely get a different outcome since they now know that their original reply was unsatisfactory.

    I understand your dissappointment, but give them another try on this repair review and keep in mind that most other handbag companies probably don't even offer this much service on their bags.

    Good Luck!
  9. According to my SA, Coach considers the natural lifetime of a bag to be 10 years.
  10. I had a black Hamptons bag with leather on the bottom, and 6 months after I bought it, the leather was starting to wear, and the piping was wearing away so much you could see the plastic thing inside. I took it in to Coach just to see about sending it in to get fixed, and they told me they could send it in, or I could pick out a new purse. Which I did, and still ended up with a lil bit of money back. I think if you send it in again, you'll get a different response from Alexis.
  11. hmmm... a part of me feel like wearing of the leather would not be covered...i thought they only repaired like serious hardware issues like broken straps, etc or things that would interfere with the usage of the bag. wear on the leather is going to happen i would think. i also don't know if tarnishing on the hardware would be fixable either.

    hmmm...they didn't send you a credit letter?
  12. Well ok...this is from the website

    Does Coach offer a repair service?
    Coach products are made to ensure satisfaction and service for the natural life of the product. If, during its lifetime, your item should require repair, we offer a repairservice for many of our products. There is a shipping and handling charge of $20 (plus tax, where applicable) for each item submitted for repair. Please be sure to ship your item by insured, traceable means, such as UPS insured or insured mail.

    Can I send my bag to Coach for cleaning?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer a cleaning or refurbishing service. We do offer a Coach Leather Cleaner and Moisturizer Set for our Classic Collection.

    so maybe they thought your bag needed refurbishing, which is something they don't do...i mean if the leather is wearing...i don't think there would be much they could do
  13. The warranty is for the lifetime of the leather, not your lifetime. This is true unless a bag is part of a current collection in which store managers can swap "defective" bag for a new one in current assortment. If it is sent to JAX and it is deemed not repairable, they will issue a credit.
  14. I bought a purse about 4 years ago. I sent it in as required to get it repaired because the leather piping had worn down to plastic tubing. The rest of the purse is in mint condition. They sent me a letter saying they could not repair it and gave me 40% off a new purchase. I complained that it was not enough considering what they charge and that I bought it because of the warrantee.
    Obviously, they have no warrantee or guarantee. I'll nevery buy from them again.
  15. Holy old thread resurrection!
    They gave you a 40% off of a new purchase... That is them honoring the Warranty. What more do you want??? Please tell me what other purse manufacture would give you that after four years? You used it for four years and i'm guessing since the piping is worn off it got a good amount of use too.