The Twilly and Hermes Handles

  1. hey ladies, can you post pics of your Hermes bags that have twillies tied on the handles?

    I am going to invest in one or so for my new Kelly!

    do you guys prefer to match them to your bags or do contract colors?

  2. GG, the Tohu Bohu is made in vert anis. If that is too much green for you, you might try to find an older twilly Something Something Nile. Can't remember the exact name. White ground with small green design. Tohu with the black ground would be more dramatic and easier to find. On the other hand, just don't wear hand lotion and enjoy the bag!
  3. ^ I love that look! There are many pics on the board from ladies who twilly up their handbag handles. It's so stylish and colorful. :smile:
  4. Here you go....I generally prefer a twilly that blends in rather than contrast with the bag


    I've been trying to find a twilly to tie around my VA ostrich kelly but I havent found anything that was not so busy in pattern - the ostrich leather already has all those spots so I wanted a simpler twilly. I am looking out for the white with pale green lotus leaf & flower print... think that might work
  5. yeah I def need something for my ostrich

    what about the red berries in the green color
  6. Idea stealer . . . just joking before you invest . . . . wait a couple of weeks and see how that twilly turns out on my vert anis ostrich

    I would like instructions on how to tie them on!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. definitely prefer twillies to match the bag.
  8. archangel, your kelly with the twilly is beautiful...:tender: :love:
  9. ^Beautiful!
  10. archangel, that Kelly is so gorgeous! I love the twilly you chose. :smile:
  11. i will be the lone voice of dissent here i guess but i think you should just enjoy your kelly as it is and not wrap the handles. i think it looks way too fussy and precious and takes a lot away from the bag. but that's just my take on it and i know a lot of people like the look.
  12. While the twilly might be nice for dress-up, or certain occasions, I too like handles to be "naked."
  13. If you like solid colors, try the losanges ........
  14. Here's mine. I think I'd much prefer to match or blend in so as to not distract the entire look of the bag too much. Just enough to complement.
    Indoor.jpg IndoorNatural.jpg
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  15. [​IMG]

    So pretty! :girlsigh:

    Is this a 32 in Rose Dragee Swift?