............The Spring 2017 Scarves..............

  1. OH AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I'll tune it =)
  2. I was surprised by Selle d'officier at the store. Another scarf that did not speak to me on the Hermes website but in "action" it works wonders. Pure sophistication! :smile: I was sold. and bought the scarf. Did not take 5 minutes to decide. There is something with the balance between the blank space and patterns next to the blank space. They form a lovely harmony.

    Oh, how I love those pleasant surprises at the H store-drawers.
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  3. Will you be posting a mod picture? I can't wait to see.
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    Yes, for sure! (I returned back home after dark).
    PS: did I forget to mention that Parures de Samourais also made it to my home sweet home? :smile:

    First I thought the colourways were too similar but they aren't!
    In my eyes, Selle-cw 08 bleu cobalt/fuchsia/jaune is like the relaxed, adult cousin compared to the exciting Samouarais cw 13 - with the super bright colours, vivid fuchsia and popping apple green.

    H003071S-13.jpeg H003108S-08.jpeg

    Tomorrow I will share my excitement with my best friend and invite her for a scarf, it's her birthday.

    I am grateful for the staff at the store in Vienna. Without them, I would miss the best colourways and designs. The picure in 2D never does the 3D experience justice.

    OK, enough with the excitement. LOL.

    Now I just need to find my new spring scent, not as easy as the spring scarves. :smile:

    I will post picture of both scarves soon!
  5. Cant wait! I can sense how excited you are to have bought these!! Have a great night!
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  6. I love it in the 90. Good for you!! Very curious how it will work in larger format.
  7. Didn't buy this CW - but posting here if it helps someone.
    I didn't get a pic but there was also an unusual anthracite/jaune/ Aqua CW IMG_4020.JPG
  8. My recent purchases" mythical Phoenix moussie stole CW 10
    Tapis persans 140 moussie in CW 08 ( twins with Canuck baglover!)
    And a Calvi in blue zephyr

    And for bright orange phobics- the orange in the tapis is dark not bright as some pix show.

    Ban island is awaiting me!
    I IMG_4033.JPG IMG_4040.JPG IMG_4038.JPG
  9. Such vibrant mousselines, scarf1! And we're twins on the Calvi! Love bleu zephyr!
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  10. Congratulations on both your happy colour scarves! I love PdS cw13 it's bright but strangely I think the colours are wearable, too.
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  11. This is beautiful on you, Pocketbook Pup! Your whole look is so chic!
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  12. Wow. This is one not posted at the web. Do you have more pics by any chance?
  13. Which Cw is this? Looks kinda mauve-y. It's pretty and unusual and you tied it beautifully. IMO it's the prettiest of the samourais.
  14. beautiful...ahhh..anthracite/jaune/aqua - that's the one i saw! the anthracite was so dark i thought it was black..