............The Spring 2017 Scarves..............

  1. I am happy for that. Neither AW 16 nor SS 17 had a lot for me except Appaloosa. So I hope.... ;))
  2. Love your maxi twilly - do you like the shorter length? I was looking at this maxi twilly on line but in a different cw but the colour in your photos look completely different from the pics on line and I love them. Guess I will have to make a trip to the store to decide. Congrats on your purchases!
  3. Just came home with a new twilly! Experimenting with some ideas on how to tie! IMG_1492729248.050291.jpg IMG_1492729259.340931.jpg IMG_1492729268.794231.jpg
  4. One of my two samourais IMG_1492733775.094018.jpg
  5. You tie it so nicely. Great cw on you too.
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  6. Le Jardin de la Maharani CW10 marine/parme/mauve (seems to be the same palette as samurais CW 08...):
    Maharani purple.jpg Maharani purple tie.JPG Maharani purple long.JPG Maharani headband.JPG
    I love this pattern so much I have 2, here is CW 05:
    Maharani collar.JPG
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  7. Oh wow! Aren't you just the most stunning thing today!!!! I'm going to have to learn how to tie my scarves like that!! Amazing!!
  8. Thank you (((hugs)))
  9. Thank you hun!!! Sometimes I am so surprised that I absolutely adore a design once I see it IRL that I never thought I would! This is one....
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  10. I tried both. Bought samourais. They are different. Maharani is darker and samourais more pastel. They have a completely different vibe too. I think you can justify both

    Awww thanks. I'm going to show how I tied it on Instagram this weekend.
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