............The Spring 2017 Scarves..............

  1. With those beautiful colours spring has most definitely sprung Israeli_Flava! What a candy kiss of a twilly!
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  3. Thank you for this notification!! I cant wait to see what FW brings.
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  4. Wondering about the F/W17 as the website is suddenly half empty. Do love the Les Jardins though! Bought the bright iris colorway. Still getting used to such a pop of color.
  5. Yay, a twin! I like that! How do you like the Appaloosa? I bought another one in yellow, just love the design. I will try to put up some photos of other scarves but my cat is lurking around me right now so I will wait :P
  6. I LOVE your scarf! Samurai is my favorite design this season!
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  7. Here is a couple more scarves I bought this season. I didn't take modshots because I am ill, and wear pyjamas and I dont look good at all LOL :biggrin: I hope you scarfies will enjoy the colors anyway :angel:

    IMG_20170418_180546.jpg IMG_20170418_180702.jpg
  8. This is perfection!!!!! Love it, IF!!!
  9. That is fun :biggrin: Then I have 2 twins this season. I just bought the Maxi Twilly cut, this is my first and I fell for the design. Do you find it easy to wear? I have an older version of Maxi Twilly and I love how long it is.
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  10. Already??
    But...I'm not nearly done with s/s yet! :angel:
    And what about all the ones from s/s + a/w '16 that have mysteriously been replaced by other "old" scarves that have been absent for a looooong while?? (I'm referring to the EU site btw)

    Sorry if these are stupid or obvious questions - I'm still new at this :confused1:
  11. I wondered the same. Last night I put 16 old ones on my wish list to peruse this morning. When I woke up there were only four left. Very puzzling!!!!
    Loving everybody's architectural wonders this week. It's amazing to see how different they all look tied. Hope you all have a great week.
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  12. I have yet to wear mine. It has been so cold and I have been uninspired. Need to play this weekend.