The PEARL Lovers Thread!

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  1. AD7F21BD-E7C3-4B7C-8366-B35659A01097.jpeg T-shirt and Tahitians today. Casual day at school.
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  3. You look lovely, the Tahitians are gorgeous!
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  4. Around 28 years ago I was pregnant with my third child. My husband was in seminary and I was a stay at home mom. It was Easter and he gave me a pair of ruby, diamond, and pearl stud earrings. It was so extravagant and thoughtful of him. They were my favorite and I wore those earrings all the time. Well a few years ago we were taking our dogs on their nightly constitutional and when I adjusted my scarf one of my earrings got caught and pulled right out of my ear. It was dark and I couldn't find it anywhere. Both my husband and I were devastated. So began the search to replace them at jewelry stores, internet, and even thought about asking our local jeweler to replicate the missing earring. Well I was trolling eBay this weekend (looking at pearls and LV bags ;)) and spotted my earrings...vintage 80's studs! I mentioned the sighting to my hubs and told him he could get them for my birthday (November). He said he didn't want to wait and slapped his debit card down on the table and said order them right now! I just received confirmation that they were sent. I should receive them by Thursday. No they aren't the crown jewels...far from it, but they mean so much to me. Just wanted to share!
    Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 6.47.19 PM.png 6mm Akoya Pearl 14K Yellow Gold Stud Earrings with 24 Ruby & Diamond Accents
  5. YAY!!! So happy for you! Mod shots, thanks in advance, when they arrive :biggrin:
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  6. You look fabulous in your T's, @TXLVlove!
    I'm so happy you found another pair of ruby & pearl earrings!!! Now that's meant to be!! We'll need mod shots when you get them!
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  7. I will definitely post some mod shots! I'm tracking the USPS twice a day!
  8. Wearing my bluish and silver akoyas today, love them! Not the best lighting for color. 20190919_072123.jpg
  9. Dinner tonight with the Hubby. Wore my Tahitian/South Sea Ombré strands along with Tahitian & two South Sea bracelets. And let's not forget my favorite Tahitian ring,
    ombre tahitian south seas.jpg south sea Tahitian bracelets.jpg
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  10. Thank you so much for posting photos of your collection. Always a treat! Simply stunning!,,
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  11. Bridal shower this afternoon, then dinner & drinks with a friend. Kanaloa came out to play! Kanaloa out n about.jpg
  12. Wow...that is a statement piece for sure!
  13. It is a work of art! Gorgeous!
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  14. Thank you, Ladies. My friend tried it on & said it would be too heavy for her to wear but she would put it in a shadow box & hang it on her wall. LOL Kanaloa does draw attention everywhere he goes!
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  15. Wearing my pastel Tahitian pearls today! 20190923_073606.jpg