The PEARL Lovers Thread!

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  1. Love the luster! I think we need mod shots! I'm trying to see how the pendant hangs and would love to see the earrings dangling down :biggrin:
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  2. Hello, Gorgeous!! So unique!!
  3. Another gorgeous piece! Keep ‘em coming!
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  4. Hi, all,
    I've recently become obsessed with Tahitian pearls and I'm enjoying learning, though I probably never will be able to afford a strand (or at least the strand I want, probably about 20", peacock color, and round, at least 9-10 mm, not baroque or circle). I have little ability to judge quality, especially not through online research---I need to get to a jewelry store and see in person. But I've been wondering about the quality of the pearls offered by a YouTuber I used to follow, Elle Florence. She has a business sourcing and selling pearls direct from a French Polynesian farm, and her prices start in the $700s. Does anyone know about these? The business is called Nouvelle Pearls, and they look great to me, but as I say, I don't have an expert eye.
  5. Hot & humid today so I just wore these Tahitian Shoulder dusters to dinner tonight.
    Tahitian shoulder dusters.jpg
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    144702C8-E8AB-4CF6-87D8-876FEED115A6.jpeg I went a little crazy this week and bought 2 pairs of akoya studs(from ebay and pearl paradise), 3 pairs of ssp earrings (from indonesia) and 2 strands of necklace (one is akoya another one the seller not sure but it does looks like akoya but we’ll see (both from ebay). LOL.

    Anyway so far I have received these two akoyas studs in the mail. Left is vintage from ebay 9mm and right is from pearl paradise 6.5-7mm because I did not know what size i like. I found that 9mm is kinda big but i like it.
  7. Sounds like you have caught the pearl bug! Can't wait to see all your treasures. We love to enable pearlies on this thread!
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  8. pearlies=pearl lovers
  9. I got this bracelet and earrings from Sakura. I like them both but unfortunately the earrings are not going to work for me. I wore them once and they really irritated my ears. 20190826_101915.jpg

    Attached Files:

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  10. I was eyeing that bracelet too but since I'm into jadeite bangles now, I decided to give it a miss. Wonder if there is any way you can change the earring hooks...?
  11. That's a good idea. Maybe I can find some solid gold hooks rather than gold filled.
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  12. Those are beautiful. It's a shame about the earrings. I would change out the ear wires to see if that helps.
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  13. Thanks! Yes, I am thinking along those lines :biggrin:
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  14. Thank you!!! Sakura said that if I get some, she can replace them for me.
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