The PEARL Lovers Thread!

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  1. I decided that I want to learn how to knot pearls so I made a practice necklace today combining an old cheap freshwater pearl strand with lavender jadeite beads from a bracelet that was too small for me. I like this combo more than I thought so I may re-do it with nicer pearls!

    20190901_160914.jpg 20190901_160643.jpg
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  2. I think your knotting looks fantastic! Now the hunt is on for round pearls to go with those beautiful jadeite beads :biggrin:
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  3. Now that I know how to knot, I find I’m changing my strands all the time. Beader’s Secret is the best thread to use. It comes in multiple colors and is really easy to knot. Pattye sells it on ETSY. HAVE FUN! You are off to a great start:smile:
  4. Thank you! Yes, will be looking for some more pearls! I'm not sure if I want to find pearls the same size as the jadeite beads or smaller like in this necklace.

    Beader's Secret is what I'm using, I followed the instructions in the PG tutorial. I love the fact that I can change my own strands now! It's easier than I thought it would be.
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  5. Looks great!! Maybe some white akoya would do the trick!!!
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  6. I have some pastel Tahitians on the way from Cees! I'm so excited! This will be my first strand of Tahitian pearls. :love::girlsigh:
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  7. Congrats!!! Are they the pastels he posted on Instagram? Those are beautiful and had me thinking for a while but I'm more into jadeite for now
  8. Yes! I've been wanting pastel Tahitians for a while now so I'm very excited. They should be here in a couple of days and I will post more pics. received_358351205068220.jpeg received_370724763598339.jpeg
  9. Those are beautiful!! I was looking at them, myself. You're going to love them!!
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  10. #4030 Sep 7, 2019
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    My favourite gemstones are Pearls, I have;
    White South Sea Studs
    Creamy White Cultured Pearl Strand
    White Metallic (overtones) Cultured Pearl Strand from Sakura
    Gold Baroque Pearls which were given to me so I’m unsure of whether their cultured or what they are.
    Fijian South Sea Floating Pearl necklace that I don’t wear because it’s made up 3 24k gold coiled chains, my husband bought it for me in Fiji on a romantic holiday and would hate for anything to happen to it eg; break!
    White Saltwater Cultured Bracelet
    2 Cultured Keshi (not sure) Pearl Bracelets a present
    Here are some photos-I hope it works I haven’t posted on the PF for years!

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  11. Here is a photo of my floating South Sea Pearl necklace, One of the pearls has fallen down & I’m not sure how to ge it fixed! Do I get it fixed or leave it?

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  12. Oh the colours and lustre of these pearls are stunning!
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  13. You weren’t the only one!
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  14. You have a lovely collection. Does the pearl that moved bother you? If not, then I would leave it alone. It’s such a pretty necklace that you should wear it. I’m realizing life is too short to not wear your jewelry. Surprise your hubby and wear it out to dinner!
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  15. Just went to Mikimoto in NYC and was thrilled. I prefer a cream undertone and many were more silver-y but it was so fun to see them all! Saks had a tiny case of them as well.
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