the PANDORA bracelet thread

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  1. Love it!
  3. Tell me about it! In the States, we only need to pay half of the price like we do in here to buy a charm. And they always do promos in the US. But they never do so in the UK. We should complain to Pandora :smile:.
  4. I love the champagne rose very very much. Nearly got one for myself. I am still crazy about it now, it is just it doesn't 100% match the theme of my bracelet. But I am glad you have got it on yours. It is so pretty and very good value for money too. So good choice my friend.
  5. Wow! 2 bracelets in less than 1 year! That is amazingly quick. My two tone has been taking me 2 years and it is still not complete yet even though it is not far from it. I should move to the States :smile:!
  6. Well done! Good pick - it is costly for a good reason especially if you look at many of the lovely details on this little charm. Absolutely stands out on your oxidised chain. I am glad you gave yourself a nice proper treat. Enjoy it.
  7. Well you know it as well as I do that it is so easy to fal in love and become an addict to Pandora. You complete the first bracelet, then move on to the next, then the next...But we love it!
  8. Thanks! I actually think the essence collection is now my favourite. I'm jealous of you working for Pandora Iver the holidays!
  9. Yep its definitely not fair. Think we should emigrate ;)
  10. Gorgeous :smile:

  11. Love it!! I would eventually like to add sole gold charms to my collection as well! It really adds to the look of the bracelet :smile:
  12. I'd like some gold spacers I think, to go with my two tone charms. Just wish they were a little bit cheaper! What would you go for?

  13. Thanks, I love the champagne rose. It was actually on my secret wish list and my bf ended up picking it out too. Maybe the pink rose would be better suited for your bracelet? I would live to see a pic of yours :smile:
  14. Really good choice, it look great on your bracelet! :smile: And i love your essence bracelet

    i fall in love with the champagne rose when i see your bracelet, the roses are my favorite flower but i dont like the silver rose, and the champagne rose looks amazing with the two tones, its now on my list, and your a lucky girl that your bf pick it and that it was in your secret list;)
  15. I think that's gorgeous - love the gold/oxidised look and it goes really well with your other charms :biggrin:
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