the PANDORA bracelet thread

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  2. It will twist and slide around a bit. Also, you may already know this, but pandora recommend a maximum of only 7-9 charms on leather bracelets. :smile:
  3. So my friend and I want to get friendship charms, but I'm not fussy about the butterfly charm. Anyone have any other suggestions?
  4. Choose something you both like for example the tea cup charm if you like to meet for coffee, or the angel charm if you are best friends, or the birthstone flower charm - she has your birthstone and vice versa. Perhaps the small bouquet of flowers with the word love on. You choices are endless!
  5. Does anyone have a picture of the bangle bracelet with a safety chain? Curious what this might look like..
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    Hi Everyone! I am new to this forum, but have been collecting Pandora for a little less than a year. I am not a purist- I mix in some Chamilia due to the Disney license- but most of my charms are Pandora :smile: Here are pictures of my two bracelets :smile: I got my free Bracelet 2 days ago with the promotion offer and am looking forward to starting my 3rd bracelet! Poor DH just shakes his head but indulges my obsession :smile:


  7. No-one said to only put a minimum of charms. They only mentioned to put on all three wraps on wrist. Maybe hold with clips so they stay put.
    Thanks for telling me this.
  8. I was so disappointed when the Sales rep at my store told me the multi-strand leather bracelet could only fit 7-9 charms. I love that bracelet style, but I prefer the look of a fuller bracelet than one with only a few charms. Guess the traditional Silver bracelets are gonna be what I stick with :smile:
  9. ISn't the essence collection great? I love your collection, not too fussy!
  10. While I was working at Pandora for the holidays, this looked really sparkly to me under the lights :smile:
  11. more white/translucent than pink. :smile:
  12. love the dreamer clips and i like the other clips you have on your bracelet. i have been eyeing those as well :smile:
  13. Merry Christmas to me!
    After buying everyone else's Christmas presents with the help of taking on an extra holiday job at Pandora, I treated myself to a very special bead...
    The gilded cage bead :smile:
    I had bought golden dragonflies initially, but as I wore it home on my wrist, I realized that it didn't "pop" enough. The stella and the gilded cage popped more...
    I absolutely love it. I may not be able to afford another gold Pandora bead for a long time, so I got the one I loved the most...
    Thanks to everyone on here for your input. It really helped me in making the right decision :smile:
    Next on my list?
    Mermaid and a clear pave!!!

  14. Wow! That gold bead looks amazing on the oxidized silver! Great pick :smile:
  15. Thanks for letting me know! Does it look pretty? Be honest I don't mind.
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