The Official Rebecca Minkoff & Team Discussion Thread

  1. Why do some mab minis not have the leather stripping on the interior pockets?
  2. RM has removed the leather trimmings on the zippers and slip pockets inside the bags in the current season. They're doing this, I guess, to cut cost.
  3. Thanks for the answer, thought in had a fake!
  4. Soft grey or almond is more versatile to match casual wear?
  5. Please make more mab mini in rose gold :smile:
  6. More Made In NY in rose gold! I would pay full price for these beauties :heart:
  7. Oh I was literally just thinking about how much I want a MAC Daddy but as a 5 zip!!
  8. Any idea when the Hologram Elle bag goes on sale? Rebecca keeps showing it off on her instagram yet it's not available for sale? I hope it's available everywhere else and not just Saks....
  9. Anyone has RM Mac in Mahogany with antique hardware? How is the hardware look with that color? Bloomy has it on sale but I have never seen it in person if the color is darker than almond like coffee? Pls, post the pictures. Also, if antique hardware is lighter than gold?
  10. I have a question, I keep seeing photos of cobalt blue pouches with monograms. Are those only limited to RM in-store events? Downside of being an international fan. But I still really want to get my hands on one. LOL
  11. Yay I can't wait!! Welcome back!
  12. Sorry if this was already asked but are you going to be releasing more MAC Daddys in the future? Thank you!
  13. Shopbop has these pouches (not all alphabets though) and they're now on sale (25% off). see if you're interested.
  14. Will the larger quilted affairs (no studs) be available in black or elephant with silver hardware?
  15. Hi Minkettes,

    On behalf of the entire RM Team, we want to begin by apologizing for our lack of communication and answers to your questions here on The Purse Forum. We love reading all of your feedback and comments, and now more than ever, we are energized to bring you the quality answers you’re looking for.

    There is no excuse for our absence, but we have been busy working on some new and exciting things we think you’ll love! :hbeat:

    We hope to be releasing new Made in NYC styles and we have given your feedback to our design and production team, in order to better our current products.

    We look forward to reading your posts daily and we’re so excited to be back on TPF! :yahoo: