, the logical equation since accessories don't count !

  1. Hi Delmilano :biggrin: !

    Your Coin purse collection is lovely and gorgeous :love:!
    Love every single CP!!

    Congrats babe !!:p
  2. thanks kat, thank you antubella, you girls are so sweet. :smile:
  3. ah~ha !! ~ i found it atlast !! ~ fab pix *d* ~ the olive is my fav :heart: but they're all gorgey ~ whoever picked out that ink surely has exquisite taste ~ spikes in her shoes ~ but exquisite taste :p
  4. If we could only get those coin purses to breed - free of charge!!!

    I love the photo of the four coin purses together. I love coin purses - they are so darn cute! Thanks for sharing your photos. :smile:
  5. Hi dear! Sorry I am late to the party! Been on the move again. I love your cp family!! But I think you might need mommies for all of them just like your lilac! : D don't worry, saved space for you in bal rehab!
  6. i'm happy you found this thread viki:heart: my fav is the INK baby. olive is a rare find but i love it less than ink.:nuts:
    i really owe this to the wonderful person who gave it to me, someone adorable who has exquisite taste, :yes:, i adore this color, and the leather is so yummy. :heart::heart:
  7. LOL pluiee, you made me laugh, for now, i just need a grey mommy for all of them!!! i want a grey b bag so bad, city or part time, or twiggy, it'll depend on the leather!!!!:roflmfao: the rehab is calling my name, delmilano, please show up at the front desk of the rehab!!!!:roflmfao:
  8. thanks lovelygarment, i wish i could find a CP free breeding center and make my cp family multiply even more!!! if you find that place, please let me know!!!:roflmfao: and i agree, they are so cute, therefore addictive!:rolleyes:
  9. good luck!! hope you can find a good grey mommy. ;) more like, DELMILANO PLEASE STOP TRYING TO BREAK OUT OF REHAB WITH PLUIEE!! :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. "and use it as a small clutch with the chain i put on it, the tiny CP can be really cool for a party "

    this is a great idea! can you post a pic? pretty pls?
  11. casper7, here are the pics of my ink CP with a chain, it's actually a silver anklechain that i attached to the cp, very practical, you can have a small clutch on you all the time and it's not heavy at all. your hands are free.
    IMG_2982.JPG IMG_2984.JPG IMG_2987.JPG
  12. thanks hun! Its a great idea, i'll have to try it! :yes: