The JADE thread!

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  1. Hi 2boys! Allan carved the bangle for me. He actually has a chubby princess round listed that looks like it was carved from the same stone as the one for me. GingerCoast has a similar color bangle but unfortunately it is not my size.The beads are from MayanMountain.

    Have a nice day, Jadies!
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  2. Hi hi ! I did try before in the past , but it seems like they don’t update their inventory . Do they ship from China ? I m quite nervous about stuff getting lost , as I think they don’t think favorably of returns , plus I m not sure about safety about returns to China . But you must be pretty happy with this one ! It looks very good on you !

    Yeah , I have decide to be abit “minimalist “ about things because there seem to be a lot little trinkets and mementoes so good way saving up , unless I see something I totally cannot resist haha

    Thanks . If you come to Singapore do check it out . I can’t resist our Chinatown for 2 reasons .jade browsing and the uh foood ! Haha

    Are u able to fit the smaller jade bangles. Usually , if you are Able to put them on , a bit of soap would do the trick for removal. U can wear other pieces with denim jackets or sundress . I think they update the modern look with a vintage vibe .

    Your Olmec blue looks interesting . Is it jadeite ? The white flecks on the bluish green is like a reverse effect of when I see green floating florals on jadeite , except for yours the back ground is bluish green . Does it look more blue or green in the bright light ?
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  3. thanks jadeite bear and 2boys_jademommy! Yes I also thought it looks more brilliant and moist in comparison, but was sure if I just imagine it.. it truly is part of my left arm now hahah BUT tomorrow I travel to singapore! Not sure if I will be able to resist the temptation to buy another bangle. I now many of you wear multiple bangles. does any of you wear a left and a right one or two a left one on a daily basis???
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  4. the olmec blue color is amazing!!!
  5. Thank you BernieChocolate and FraBa. The Olmec "Blue" is jadeite. It is a teal color (I think some people had a discussion about Olmec blue's color sometime back in this thread) right on the edge between blue and green. It reads green to me in most natural light conditions including sunlight and indoors sometimes can read blue. It almost looks baby blue in some photos but it seems the pics exaggerate the blue and it is more green than blue in person.

    I also think that the white flecks "snow" give a reverse effect from a green patches on white jadeite. I like how it looks next to white with blue-green flowers jade. I'll try to take a pic of this for the contrast (though I don't own a blue green flower jadeite bangle, sadly.)
  6. My buffer bracelets arrived today - wearing one of them now so that my watch can go back on the left wrist. Coincidentally, my dress matches it!

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  7. My icy lavender apple green

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  8. Perfect match indeed:smile: And your bangle is gorgeous.
  9. The green and lavender is interspersed quite evenly throughout your bangle. It’s lovely on you.
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  10. Thank you 2boys_jademommy! Actually there are only two patches of lavender and the rest is apple green. :amuse: I’ve just got it last week and I find myself staring at it way too often. :biggrin:

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  11. Forgot to quote you on my reply.:lol:
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  12. Thanks so much! :biggrin:
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  13. You’re so welcome! I love matching beads! They look amazing together!

    Beautiful additions to the board Jadies! ❤️ All the mod shots :smile:
  14. Couldnt resist taking a pic of my permanent bangle yesterday at lunch. :P 20190613_164329.jpg
  15. Golden honey goodness:smile: I love the golden and brown hues in this and your bracelet is too cute!
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