The JADE thread!

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  1. Thanks, jademommy :biggrin: i bought the 24k gold cat bead and couldnt decide if i should make it into a ring or bracelet. But after giving it much thoughts, i decided that i like it better as a bracelet, so i added some small jade beads to the ends of the adjustable bracelet and voila! its become my favorite bracelet. :biggrin:
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  2. Hi mrsblue, I think we match! This is become my go to bangle for everyday wear with two lavender spots and the rest is apple green. The lavender is fainter than yours I think but same idea. :blush: IMG_20190614_082626.jpg Other side:
  3. Got to figure out how to add pics to a reply.
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  4. I really like the combination of lavender and green together
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  5. CR, you have inspired me to create matching sets.

    Adding some beads to my Xinjiang Hetian banglle and re-purposed necklace I was not wearing by restringing it into a double twisted strand. This one is truly a double strand, not a single long one doubled over. I love love the result.
    The full set. I'll get a mod shot of the necklace when there is better light.
  6. Love this amazing set! I really ❤️ the beads and the bangle together. Just perfect!
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  7. Here are the beads. These feel so nice and cool to wear especially in the heat wave we have been having lately :smile:

    Hope you are enjoying the weekend, Jadies!
  8. JB this is quite lovely! The tone of those beads looks great in you :smile:
  9. Your bead necklace looks lovely on you JB. I love how the beads have subtle differenced in colour.
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  10. Thank you 2boys_jademommy and C Rose. The beads are slightly translucent so the ones in the front look lighter and the ones in the shadow below them look darker. It gives it kind of a varied effect.
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  11. More coordinated jades. I hope I am not getting too matchy-matchy. IMG_20190616_135808.jpg
  12. My new green, grey and black bangle with matching ring

    Attached Files:

  13. Beautiful! I don’t think it’s too matchy. That blue green is gorgeous BTW :smile:
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  14. Great color combination! The ring and bangle look great together!
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  15. Smokie, the color combinations in your bangle look amazing. The gray looks almost dark purple in the pics. Nicely matched ring as well.
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