Scarves ........The Hermès Fall/Winter 2019 Scarves...........

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  1. Such pretty colors! Congratulations. :smile:
  2. Finally cool enough to wear my dragon flash losange! still trying out different ways to tie it.

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  3. You look fabulous in each of these pictures. I love your mixture of earth colors and stripes. Khaki is a good look for your coloring. If Toundra ever comes back as a bag color, hold it up to yourself. Toundra is khaki and I bet it looks great on you.
  4. This is really beautiful.
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  5. Lady B, your chocolate Patrisserie had me hooked the first your you modeled it and now I'm happy to say I also have one. YUM!
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  6. I agree, the hem is stunning! Such a beautiful piece.
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  9. Many thanks Eagle, Toundra does sound beautiful , I’ll have to investigate !

    Hopiko, thank you and glad you like my crazy socks :biggrin:
    You’re kind , thanks ,you’re pretty stylish yourself !
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  10. Love it that way
  11. I thought I was finished with this season but I'm very inspired by the choices of @frou frou and @azukitea recently plus there are a couple of elusive cw of scarves that I should have bought when I first saw them (and therefore not naming because I'm hunting)

    Seeing Garde-robe Pop IRL too today I was also very smitten and will give it another go when less tired. If anyone thinks 90s are stuffy and uncool, that's going to change your mind.

    Great season.
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  12. As I happened to be near Madison yesterday and they happened to have just received these, I am very happy to be able to fulfill my own request! Marble 1.jpg Marble 2.jpg Marble 3.jpg
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  14. YAY!!! You will love this one! So excited to be your twin!
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  15. Beautiful!!!
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