Scarves ........The Hermès Fall/Winter 2019 Scarves...........

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  1. Yes! Garde Robe Pop is so much fun, I love mine. The profusion of unevenly spaced polka dots really makes the scarf. And yes this season proved to be full of sleeper hits. After thinking I'd only get one scarf, I've already bought two and have my eye on potentially two 90s and two CSGMs!
  2. Wow, wow WOW!! :loveeyes: A stunning carré that is even more beautiful when worn! You look gorgeous!
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  3. Thanks, All! It's a very special piece!
  4. Thanks, All!
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  5. One of the best knots to maximize showing the colors and hem of this exceptional scarf.
  6. Congratulation Meta ... simply gorgeous!
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  7. Very pretty and very you!
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  8. These are so fresh and pretty!
  9. You are a woman after my own heart! If a scarf has a good pink in it, I am sunk!
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  10. Love the pinks!
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  11. Meta,
    This is marvelous! You tied your beautiful marbled scarf so perfectly!