The elusive Jet Set Zip Top Tote (LV Totally inspired)

  1. Really they have it at the Niagara Falls, NY outlet? I was there last Monday (civic holiday) and didn't see anything like that, mind you I probably didn't pay attention until I saw this thread!
    Crissy-I want to get all 3 colors now because of you! Lol!
  2. Yes they did I was there then.. It was on a top shelf behind a few other bags..: both brown and vanilla
  3. Thanks, Bag Fetish!
    Do you happen to know how much it was? Was there a lot left? I'm considering going back now since we will be going to Great Wolf Lodge next week.
  4. No idea sorry..
  5. FYI, hubby bought me this bag at the outlet in AC, NJ for our anniversary a few weeks ago and I have been carrying it ever since. I absolutely love it! It has everything I wanted in the open top bag that I just couldnt get into because of the 3 sections. This bag has it all for me! :love:
  6. Just ordered this bag from Nordstrom.....hope I love it. I am a Coach person but I wanted a leather purple tote travel bag and Coach does not have one that appeals to me.

    I'll post a reveal of my first MK bag when it gets here. :smile:

    Thanks for posting mod pics it helped a lot deciding on this or the unlined open top tote.
  7. Can't wait to see...
  8. Me too!:smile:
  9. so lv is inspired by MK :smile:

  10. I have the same bag as crissy11 which is the outlet version and I think it's bigger than the dept store version but I could be wrong. Not sure if anyone compared the measurements.
  11. You are correct!! It is bigger. I have the same bag as well and I did check out both the macy bag and the outlet and for sure the outlet is bigger...
    Thus the reason I went with the outlet, it was easier to get into the outside pockets.
    The outlet bag is about the size of a totally mm if that helps.
  12. Whoo hoo.....Nordstrom's just shipped my Jet Set Tote. I have two of the three bags I ordered on their way.

    Which ones will I keep? Geeee......what if I love all three? DH will kill me, lol.

    Anyway.....should have them soon. Just wanted to share.:smile:
  13. Wow...congrat's on your find! That is a beautiful bag! I wonder if it can still be found.
  14. So what's the deal with the east west holiday jet set tote at Macys? I don't see a bag with that name on the MK website. Is it Macys exclusive? Does anyone know how it compares to other similar jet set totes? I saw it today at the store (Macys) and kind of fell in love with it and so I bought it on presale (will pick up on Thursday) but I can't find anything about it online. The SA did say it is new.