The elusive Jet Set Zip Top Tote (LV Totally inspired)

  1. Funny I was in maple view mall the other day and saw they had a MK store new :p
    Anyhoooo i as in there like a kid in the candy store :biggrin: i was looking at this bag in leather .. so delish!!
    I cant decide whether I want leather or monogram .. I love the pockets!! that is the only reason i'm looking at it :p yes very much LV inspired *TOTTALY*

    how are you enjoying her ? btw what is the model number its the smallest right ?


  2. You have SOLD ME!!! this is going to be my travel bag!!!!
  3. Lovely tote bag
  4. Just Macy's and outlet...
    At least that's what I've seen here in Vegas...

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  5. Hi cissy,

    This is a lovely bag and i'm in love with it haha. was wondering if this bag holds much weight? coz i have LOTS of stuff...thanks :smile:
  6. It will hold a ton. I just got mine and yesterday I had it loaded with 2 bottles of water one in each outside pocket. Wallet, gps, full size camera, husbands Tavel bag that holds his wallet, passport, money and a load a change..
    Plus a change of clothes for me before jumping on a plane...

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  7. thank you :p well, then I'll be safe:biggrin::biggrin:
  8. I got one of these today at the Michael Kors outlet in Dawsonville, Georgia. It is wonderful!!!! They had three in the store in the brown color and one in the vanilla color. I went to the bathroom to switch into it as soon as I paid for it. It holds everything you can think to carry and it is so light. I already has the matching wallet from Dillard's so I have one sweet set now. I bought it to celebrate my sister having a baby girl some time today. Also, this was suppose to be my Christmas gift to myself, but I decided to celebrate the baby and to commit to finally paying off ALL of my credit cards. I did not put this bag on one because I cut up all of them last night. I also wrote out the Dave Ramsey snowball plan to pay those suckers off.
  9. Congrats! I have this bag too and a matching wallet, I havent actually had the chance to use it but its good to hear that it holds a lot and is light to carry.Enjoy your new bag!:p
  10. It's gorgeous! I just saw it in an outlet last weekend and was thinking about buying it, but finished with a wallet instead. It looks great on you. Congrats!
  11. Very nice tote. Looks very comfortable to carry too! Enjoy!
  12. I carried this bag all day today. I even had it on my shoulder in the mall shopping. It holds a ton and it is not bothersome at all. It is my new FAVORITE bag. So much room in this bag, and the side pockets are actually functional.
  13. It was my go-to bag for my long weekend in NYC. I took everywhere - shopping, subway, shoved everything I needed in there and it was perfect and worry free. I can't even imagine taking an open top bag around NYC, ESP on the subway. And it came back home in perfect condition even though I never even thought about it all weekend.

    Great bag!!
  14. such a great choice!
  15. I have carried this bag for a week without switching out of it. Question: Which Totally is this bag equal to in size?