The elusive Jet Set Zip Top Tote (LV Totally inspired)

  1. Yes it looks perfect :smile: Thank you dear, such a lovely bag, can't get enough of it:biggrin:
  2. It can get slack after some use and a lot of ladies like that. I like a sturdy base in mine so I got one for me. I also bought a base shaper for my LV speedy 30 a while back. But to me a base shaper is all about your personal preference.
  3. I love the brown monogram but I don't like the lighter handles. :sad:
    I went yesterday and purchased the Macy's one. I got Vanilla with the luggage colored handles. I'm not as in love with it as I thought I would be. I may be returning it....not sure yet. It's my first MK, but I'm a Coachie at heart....
  4. I checked out both before making my purchase. I too liked the darker handles but I like the larger bag and cheaper price from the outlet bag. I have thought about changing the handles to Lv ones so they will patina.. I not sure which would fit..

    any way, my attraction to this bag were the outside pockets :smile:
  5. I tried using the outside pockets this morning for my cell phone and I wasn't able to slip it in and out as easily as I thought I would be able to. When the bag is full of my stuff and on my shoulder the pockets really don't seem to function that well..
  6. I found that with the macys bag as well... :sad:
  7. I'm returning mine tonight. I can't justify $250 on a purse I don't love. I wanted to love it so badly!
  8. I hear you....
    But on that note, I wouldn't have paid 250$ when the other is 70$ less...
    But to each their own.
  9. Haha. Very good point.
  10. Dillard's online has a similar bag with colored handles in the saffiano leather. I just ordered the Macy's version tonight as they had a $25 off FORYOU code. I got the vanilla. I don't know if I would purchase the Totally - but I do want an LV - I just am having trouble wrapping my brain around the price. I love all my Coach leather bags (and am salivating over the Legacy line) and I have the large MK Hamilton tote in gray croc and I love it too and get tons of compliments on it.

    LOL - I forgot I've been hanging out in the LV forums exclusively so my sig reflects that. OOPS!!
  11. I just bought one from eBay... I am very happy I wanted the lighter straps and larger version from the Macy's one but I couldn't get to the outlet so I have been checking eBay finally one popped up. I have the one without the zipper across the whole bag the one with the zipper in the middle its just a little to small for me and the shape is awkward when the bag is full...which it always was when I used it also I love the totally so this looks more like the totally
  12. Omg I love love love your tote, and it has feet on the bottom!!!
  13. I LOVE this bag! I live in Canada as well (Pickering), could you please let me know where your friend purchased this bag from? Is the drive farther to Buffalo? I just might need to make a road trip!
  14. You should be able to get it from the outlet in Vaughan Mills!!! You should call to see if they have it - failing that the MK outlet in Niagara - it's a factory bag. I am going to Niagara on Wednesday and I can post here if they have it.
  15. I was there this past weekend and they didn't have it.. I was sad as I wanted the vanilla. They did have it however on the us side.. I was there a week ago.