the devil made me do it!!

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  1. We are going on September 17th that is on my boyfriends birthday. I can't wait. But on my last visit me and my goofy bf went to the georgia terrace hotel when they were doing renovations and went to the top floor and took lots of pics.. it is a good view of the city from there. But we have not made our reservations yet so I will look into that hotel. hope they have some good deals..
  2. You guys should have a meet when I am there in ATL. I will be there Sept 17th to Sept 20th. I would love to meet and go shopping with you ladys. You all have such good taste.
  3. they did a bunch of renovations and completely modernized the place... i can't wait to see it... the rooftop saline pool is one of the coolest things about the hotel... part of the renovations involved them heating the pool!!! their rates are always great... for a while, the hotel was converted into condos so the rooms are HUGE!! full kitchens, living rooms etc... we got a two bedroom two bath for $170ish! just call during the week and ask for in-house reservations and you will typically get a better rate than booking online

    as for shopping, i can probably do an early check-in saturday morning and we could head up to the outlets when they open at ten... or i can take a day off on friday and go up... you know, i have lots of flexibility when it comes to heading up to dawsonville!!