the devil made me do it!!

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  1. or maybe it was tammie614's fault since we serendipitously ran into one another again at the outlet and she's as wicked an enabler as i am...

    or maybe it was the sweet dulcet tones of the lovely bags calling my name again...

    regarles... i have a tiny cluster of the little darlin's that grabbed my fingertips and begged that i take them home with me...

    wanna see 'em? :graucho:
  2. I wanna see them all! You had a handful!
  3. I wanna see!!!!

  4. maybe that wasn't me!! it was a tiny handful anyway ;)
  5. riiiigggghtttt
    You were holding them for a friend right? They weren't ALL yours.
  6. Show me the goods!!!!
  7. I love johnniegirlatl reveals..they're always soo delicious!
  8. i love to take little staycations at hotels close to home plus i sometimes have to travel for work... okay, those are all silly justifications for my love of coach travel stuff...

    when the new MFF travel stuff in canvas debuted, i didn't fall in love with it but then this chubby dark leather lovely peeked her pretty head in and i was lust!!!


    it has great feet underneath and a shoulder strap... i added a luggage tag from an older ballistic duffle after i took the picture but it makes it even cuter!!
  9. I am mentally preparing myself to be sooo jealous... as per usual with your reveals!

    ETA: See what I mean?!! ^^^ That bag is fabulous! That's it, I neeeeeeed to hit my outlet after work!
  10. Those bags callin you again?

  11. always!!!!! devious pretty lil things!!

    like this slim, pale doll that was tucked between some other bags on a middle shelf in the clearance section


    i love it!!! it works as a cross body even on an extra fluffy body!! :yahoo:
  12. Johnniegirl - I just bought that black leather travel bag today! We are twins! Lets go to AC together!

  13. it's so hot! chris (the BFF) is hoping that it will come out brown soon.. the SA that was checking me out today said it might come out it brown shortly!!!
  14. Maybe YOU are the devil!! You're making me want to spend myself into the poorhouse!

    J/K!! Love everything so far... What else?
  15. i always rummage through the wallets for a hidden gem... i found this rough and tumble in the way back and was able to get her for 75% off thanks to all the scuffing that i will work to smooth out later