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  1. #31 May 11, 2018
    Last edited: May 11, 2018
    Does anyone know if the prices change? I recently got a black one from Goyard on Saint Honore. The price I bought it for is a bit more than what I saw posted on another site that lists Goyard bags, a short description and their prices (black and colored. $ and €).
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  2. Did you buy the PM? Can you tell us what you paid in Euros with tax?
  3. I don't know what website you were looking at, but yeah, prices change. I bought the Bellechasse Biaude PM in red in April 2017 in Paris and paid 1,665 Euros. That would put a classic color bag at about 1,280 Euros.

    What did you pay if I may ask?
  4. I just bought (last week) a white Bellechasse Biaude PM in Chicago at Neiman Marcus Goyard for $2450USD.
  5. For US-based shoppers, the price difference between Chicago (or any US location) vs Goyard Saint Honore is substantial. But that would require a shopping trip to Paris.... Hmmm. Vacation math for the basic upper middle-income couple:

    Week long Paris vacation for husband & wife would likely average $1,000 per day (if you add up airfare, ground transport, hotel, groceries when possible, modest restaurants, cafes, incidentals, small gifts, and other expenditures). That's $7k spent before you've acquired anything special. So the mission is to acquire INCREDIBLE pieces with a total savings of at least $7k.

    Saint Honore big-game hunting! You'd likely need to score $20k in Paris-priced goodies to save $7k. The mission is to spend in Goyard ($3k) Hermes ($10k), YSL ($3k) and Prada ($4k) - mission accomplished!
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  6. Goyard Bellechasse Biaude in green, 1715 euros purchased July 4th 2019 in Paris. Printemps. I got the tax refund by cash so there's only 10% refund. 12% by credit card but you might not receive it.

    BTW For classic color, it's 1320 euros.