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  1. Leather doesn't burn, peel or feel like that, I assure you. I have a bellechasse. I'm sure the leather bellechasse has leather handles though.
  2. I have two Bellechasses (one old style, one Biaude), and my handles have had zero issues. But FYI, they are leather that are then sealed on the edges with another material. It's a waxy substance.
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  3. I have the biade - then the waxy material is what peels. We were both right then. Perhaps you've been lucky or live in a colder climate or don't use your bags to carry a laptop. Either way, I love the bag but people should be aware of the (very minor) structural damage that can happen.
  4. Is this a reversible bag?
  5. hey ya'll - for those who purchased the biaude, can we see some pictures??? thanks!
  6. No. There are two versions, one canvas and one leather.
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  8. I just purchased the pm model in SF for $2495 in grey. The SA said they only get one in a month, and they don't know the color until it arrives.
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  9. It seems like the PM actually holds a lot of stuff. What other tote would you compare it to? I'm thinking of ordering the blue or the green.
  10. I'm glad you said this. I'm not really a fan of having to compete or battle for fashion. If it's not somewhat easily available, then I tend to lose interest. There's no way I'm going to wait months and months, and possibly years, for a bag I want.
    With that said, if I'm ever in the right place at right time to buy the Bellechasse (or even a Birkin), I'll certainly take advantage of the opportunity. But no mad chase.
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  11. I can send you a photo of the bag next to my Neverfull MM and Speedy 30. It holds a fair amount.

    Yes, I'm instant gratification, and there's no way I would've waited. They just happened to have the bag in the color I wanted ;) How could I say no to that!
  12. No it's not reversible. Not sure if anyone else mentioned but this bag is quite versatile as the bottom has a removable base that allows the bag to feel and look less structured if you need it to go for a more casual look. You can also push out the sides and then it looks like the saint louis or Anjou tote but with different looking straps.
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  13. What is the price of the bag in Paris?
  14. I bought a red Bellechasse Biaude in Paris in late April 2017 for 1,665 Euros.
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  15. I asked my SA and he said the waxy material can just be stripped off, leaving the leather handle. It's not damaging to the bag at all but if I wanted it fixed, they could do it.
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