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  1. goyard black gold.png
    Maison Goyard reinvents the Bellechasse bag.
    The Bellechasse Biaude is inspired by the past history of the Goyard family as timber raftsmen. The bag is resolutely focused on practicality thanks to the Biaude and Croc, two new accessories with evocative names borrowed from the vocabulary of these intrepid river men who rafted wood for heating from the Morvan forests to Paris.
    goyard gold calf.png
    goyard calf canvas.png

    The Biaude was a cape-like shirt worn by raftsmen to protect them from the cold and rain. Here it becomes a protective flap to keep the bag’s contents out of sight and dry.

    goyard gold calf with tab.png

    The Croc is a reference to the tool used to push difficult logs back into the river current. On the Bellechasse it becomes a clever and elegant closing system. A leather cord is attached to one of the handles; it has a clamp at one end to close the top of the bag securely.

    goyard black.png

    goyard grey.png
    goyard navy.png
    goyard green.png
    The Bellechasse Biaude bag is available in PM size and 11 different colours for the Goyardine version, and 5 different colours (Black, Gold, Grey, Navy and Burgundy) for the bull calf leather version.

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  2. More colours:
    goyard white.png
    goyard 3 4ths.png
    goyard yellow.png
    goyard orange.png
    goyard red.png
    goyard burgundy.png
  3. I really like that one.
  4. I checked out at the boutique a few weeks back. To me, this is the reinvention is rather 'duh' --> the flap is very out of place and if it really meant to protect the content from rain, I rather have something to cover the entire bag. And the clap is so redundant - does it really secured the bag? Why not zip. Over all, I just think it like the Chinese idiom of '画蛇添足”- addiNg legs to snake. :P
  5. I have the red in Goyardine. So far, so good. I really like the all leather. They were selling like hot cakes in Paris.
  6. And this was in reference to the leather version. [emoji41]
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  7. #7 Jun 6, 2017
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2017
    I have this in the burgundy goyardine print, and I LOVE it. It's a total work horse tote while still being lovely. There's been some peeling of the handles as I carry heavy stuff in it, but that's been very easy to fix and doesn't detract from its beauty. To the person criticizing the flap, I disagree. The flap, when used especially with the punch hole clasp, elevates the tote to pure practical luxury. It hides items and maintains a sense of privacy and discretion.

    Highly recommend the bellechasse biade!
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  8. This is a beautiful bag. Is this available in the us and if so anyone know the price?
  9. It really is a gorgeous bag!! I love that it has a closure.
    How do you fix the handles when they peel ? Thanks
  10. Ah yeah, I didn't include that detail because some people might be horrified. I take a lighter and very lightly and quickly brush the flame over the peeling area. It's similar to sealing the ends of a fraying ribbon. Even though the handles aren't made of leather, I've also used leather sealant to prevent further peeling as I use this bag often my macbook air and other things in it. Heat + sealant has worked wonders!
  11. interesting! Thanks! So, the handles aren't leather?
  12. Not on the canvas bellechasse bags. There is leather on the bottom corners of which protects the corners really well!
  13. Oh what are the handles made out of?
  14. I have no idea actually! Would be good to call them. Whatever it is, it is durable and holds up pretty well. I think it was chosen because it is light.
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  15. Actually, I'm pretty sure it is leather.
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