Thank you for your Help_My First Ever Birkin

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  1. Last December I made an order for Birkin Gold Clemence 35 and I asked you, tPF
    whether I made the right decision.

    Because I really wanted to have Etoupe Birkin at that time, but there were only two options
    - Gold and Cream and the SA recommended this Gold Birkin.

    Anyway, once more thank you so much for all your helpful advices and comments.
    I am so happy that I found this small Hermes Loving Society.
    I really want to share this moment with you.

    After one month of waiting, I received my Birkin yesterday.
    When the SA opened the box, I found out this gorgeous lovely bag in front of me.
    It looks really brilliant just like the "GOLD" and I said "I WILL TAKE IT"
    - There were 10~11 asian tourists all looking at me at the same time,
    just like to say who the hell is that woman getting that precious lovely bag.

    And after paying for the bag, I ordered my Second Ever Birkin.

    Do you know what I ordered after all the look-through more than 20 minute process
    - thinking about my wardrobe, comparing it with my skin color and so on
    (I remember all your advices)???

    Rasin wih PH :yahoo:

    I don't think I will never get Etoupe..............

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  2. congrats Jane Han! Gold with GHW and now Raisin with PHW! Fantastic versatile color! Nice :tup:
  3. Congrats! Such a beautiful colour, you are going to love using this bag.
  4. She's a beauty! Major congrats to you!

  5. Sorry, but can not hide my joy~~~~~
    I am comparing the bag with Fur and my Shoes~~~~~

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  6. Congratulations Jane! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Your birkin is beautiful, perfect with your shoes! Looking forward to your raisin reveal!
  7. Congrats on a very lovely bag, gold with ghw is a great bag. Thanks for sharing with us!
  8. Congrats, wear in the best of health and happiness. She is totally beautiful, stunning. Love the color too. Can we see modeling pics. I'm so happy for you.
  9. Its divine - wear it in good health!
  10. Wow congrats !! She is really beautiful. Another classic Colour.
  11. Absolutely stunning!
  12. Beautiful - I love the gold HW on the gold leather.
  13. Congratulations! We are bag twins -- I know you will love this bag.
  14. Wow wow wow wow! Your Birkin is absolutely stunning. I love the classic colour. Congratulations on acquiring one of the world's most fabulous and desirable handbags. I am very happy for you. :smile:
  15. Major Congrats!!! On this beauty AND on the RAISIN on order!!! You will NOT be disappointed with the raisin, either!!!