Thank you for your Help_My First Ever Birkin

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  1. She's a beauty for sure! :ps:
    And only ONE month wait :faint: Major Congratulations Jane!
    I'm sure you'll enjoy her for many, many years.
    And oh my! Raisin with PHW next!
    Keeping my fingers crossed that she arrives just as quickly :tup:
  2. I love your new gold birkin! And great choice for your next bag. Raisin is gorgeous-- I already own two raisin bags-- a birkin and an evelyne. Enjoy your gold birkin and wear it to good health!
  3. I remember you last thread, congrats on your new birkin! You can't go wrong with gold, it match so well with your stuff. And congrats on your oncoming raisin!
  4. What a stunning beauty! I am convinced that you will truly enjoy your bag.
    And a Raisin on it's way!!! Excellent choice!
  5. Congrats on your first birkin, a great choice and enjoy!
  6. You never know:graucho:

    Congrats on your first Birkin Jane!! its absolutely yummy, I love GHW it adds such a warmth to the bag hmmmm.....:heart:
  7. Congrats, Jane!!! Really Perfect Birkin!!! I have the same bag but with PHW and I know every time carrying your B you'll LOVE it more&more!!!:love:
    Oh, ang Good Luck with Raisin!!! Excellent choise!!!
  8. [​IMG]

    Love this shot, congratulations!
  9. Its beautiful Jenny. Congratulations. I can't wait for your next reveal.
  10. I luv this color!! perfect choice can't wait to see the raisin reveal :biggrin:
  11. I love that color combo. If I could pull it off, I would get the same. My skin is much too brown though.

    I can't wait to see the new bag, too! Congrats on both!!:okay:
  12. Congrats on your first Birkin! And to have what you wanted so quickly is great!

    I am sure all those women in the store were eyeing your new bag!
  13. Love this color! So happy for you, doesn't it feel great?
  14. Congrats on the gold and upcoming raisin. I think there is still room for etpupe or Gris t!!!
  15. Jane, stunning, stunning bag and I can't wait to see your raisin too. They are 2 great versatile bags.