Thank you for your Help_My First Ever Birkin

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  1. Gold w/gh are among tp'fers most coveted combo.

    :drinkup: CONGRATULATIONS, Jane Han. :drinkup:
  2. Congrats Jane Han! You made fabulous choices. :tup:
  3. Beautiful!!But as far as the etoupe goes never say never!
  4. the gold is GORGEOUS. i love the warm tones!!!

    Beautiful and classic H - she's a real beauty !!!

    Enjoy :tup:
  6. Congratulations! That's a gorgeous color/hardware combo, and the raisin on order too--I'm sure you'll enjoy both of them!
  7. BEAUTIFUL. I'm am so happy for you. Please please post modelling pictures for us.
  8. Congratulations! The gold looks beautiful in clemence - what a lucky lady to wait a mere month - you've now got the whole spring and summer to enjoy this year round colour :yahoo:
  9. Beautiful Birkin. Congrats!

    Your future raisin with PH :drool::drool::drool:
  10. Gorgeous Birkin!!! You are going to love carrying that baby around. Now !'d love to see some action shots, too! Congrats on ordering the Raisin Birkin. I hope that comes in quickly too.
  11. Many congrats Jane!! It is so lovely to hear that 1. you didnt have to wait long and 2. The choice you made is such a beautiful classic!! My friend has one and everytime I see it, I always say what a wonderful choice she made, this was many years ago and it still looks good as new!!!

    Enjoy your beauty and looking forward to seeing another classic in the raisin!!
  12. :yahoo::yahoo: Congrats on GOLD Birkin! :yahoo::yahoo:

    You will love RAISIN Birkin too!! What a great choice to pick both colors!
  13. congrats! that was a very short wait!
  14. Gold is a fab color! Congratulations and champagne toast to you!
  15. Beautiful bag, Jane! Two of my favorite colors, Gold and Raisin!