Texas Girl's LV collection * pics on page 1 & 3 *

  1. Thanks everybody! It's so great that you guys can truly appreciate them all with me. :kiss:
  2. great pices!! congrats! love all the classics!
  3. WOW! i :heart: your collection!!!
  4. Just updating the title of this thread since I have posted some new pics on page 3. Thanks yall for all the nice comments.:heart:
  5. great collection!
  6. the pomme cles is so pretty!!
  7. I love your LV pieces!
  8. Love your red epi
  9. i LOVE ur damier azur!! so cute! :love:
  10. [​IMG]Love your damiers!
  11. Great lv collection!! thanks for sharing!!
  12. Your collection is wonderful!
  13. beautiful collection!
  14. Multicolor is so cute!
  15. Love them! They look as neat as brand new :smile: