Texas Girl's LV collection * pics on page 1 & 3 *

  1. Great collection!
  2. This collection is fabulous!
  3. I love your bags.
  4. what a posh collection! Gorgeous!
  5. I love your collection, especially the almas
  6. Love your collection!!! Like the Speedys the best!!
  7. Very nice collection! :biggrin:
  8. Hey girl! Your bags are awesome! Thanks for sharing :goodpost:
  9. The bucket is stunning ( as are they all)
  10. Nice
  11. Great collection....you should be very proud
  12. Gorgeous collection!
  13. Girrrrl, all of that in 8 months? You are going IN! Wooosh. Love the red drawstring and the speedy's. ;)
  14. Acquired all these FAB goodies in less than a year? I'm officially jealous. But I applaud you. Fantastic collection. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo: