Texas Girl's LV collection * pics on page 1 & 3 *

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  1. Well, here is the whole shebang. I'm sure it won't be the last photo I'll take this year, but it's a start! Everything acquired from April 2006 to January 2007.
    Picture 012.jpg Picture 028.jpg
  2. wonderful bags! i love your speedys :smile:
  3. Love the Damier pieces, and the red noe!
  4. Absolutely great collection!
  5. great collection
  6. Loves it :love:
  7. :love: Beautiful collection!
  8. im jelous!! :smile:~
  9. Very nice collection. Love the Damier pieces.
  10. wow, great collection. I really like your damier pieces.
  11. Beautiful!!! Love the speedy's.
  12. Your collection is wonderful!
  13. beautiful collection!
  14. beautiful!!
  15. lovely !