Tell me I'm crazy, but WOULD YOU GET MAD IF..

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  1. Your boyfriend got a fully naked lap dance?

    Tell me if this is OK, or if it would bother you? He says's there was not touching on his behalf (not permitted at the club). What is everyone's thoughts. I just want an idea of what other women out there feel about this.
  2. I wouldn't be happy but wouldn't be mad either, if he'd touched the girl then that would be a different situation altogether
  3. That's so raunchy and distrurbing..yeah I would be bothered...but then again you knew something similar was going to happen. Its your call..
  4. You said no touching on his behalf... but was she rubbing all over him? I would be uncomfortable with a fully nude lap dance in general, but touching by either party goes beyond the line for me.
  5. It wouldnt bother me, but the BF doesnt really like stripclubs.
  6. Bart knows better than to do that. :tdown:

    But yes, I would be mad. I wouldn't care if he watched somebody else getting a fully naked lapdance, but I would care if he paid for a girl to dance naked for him.

    You say he didn't touch her, but she did touch him??
  7. I would feel uncomfortable, I am sure he would feel the same if a naked man rubbed himself on you. I think it depends on what you are happy with in your relationship, you dont sound happy, so let him know. Dont kick off on him, just let him not how annoyed you are and for him to put himself if the tables were turned.
  8. ewwwwww, oh God yes. I would be bothered.

    It would be almost understandable if perhaps he was on his stag party and this had been organised for him, but I cannot think of another situation where I would find it ok!!
    I trust my husband a billion percent, but I do not want him in any situation where a naked lady is on top of him (except me!!!)
  9. It would totally bother me. I don't like that kind of 'scene' and is really uncomfortable with it so it would definitely bother me.
  10. ITA

    Luckily all our friends are married or confirmed bachelors, so stag partys are a thing of the past...but still would be more like hmph, then actually pissed, kwim
  11. well at least he told you. He probably knew it was wrong while it was happening. I would be upset but wouldn't hold a grudge unless other behaviors show that you can't trust him !
  12. one word....


    thats disturbing.i wouldnt tolerate that at all
  13. ew!! I'd be upset. Luckily my fiance would never do anything like that.... you gotta train them well!!
  14. I wouldn't like it at all, and if he did, he'd be getting a lot of flack from me.
  15. Weird that he told you. Is he testing you?

    I would move on. There are better men.
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