Switched to Laura Mercier!

  1. I was looking to try Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder and Lip Glace.....

    Has anyone tried her products and are they good?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. I loooove Laura Mercier! Some of my most favorite make up items are from her line.

    Her powders give really amazing coverage and I swear by her lip glacés! It is not sticky at all and smells wonderfully..

    Also check out her translucent powder, silk creme, lip plumper, and the pistachio cremes!!! It smells amazing!!
  3. Yes. :yes: I love the brushes I've tried (SC brush, Creme Color Brush), Guava & Topaz singles, the cakeliner, and the Secret Camouflage concealer. Unfortunately, I do not have a colour match in the foundation products.
  4. I love her Caviar Eyeshadow sticks. They wear like iron- even in the worst heat and humidity. LM makes some lovely palettes- very wearable and natural.
  5. Another vote for her products. Her tinted moisturizer is amazing. It's light smooth and silky. I also like her shimmer blocks, and black karat shadow. I picked up one of her concelears today and will be trying it out. Her colors are fairly neutral so I feel like you can't go wrong.
  6. I love her brushes and concealers
  7. Great thread!
    I am definitely a lipstick fan, I rarely wore eyeshadow. My mom gave me the petite eye colour trio in Smokey Neutrals by LM and I LOVE IT!

    Great colours, great payoff, not too shimmery and even a noob can make a great eyelook without any difficulty!

    I also got the peach mosaic shimmer bloc which I love. I must say, other high end brands like Chanel, Dior etc. have been really dissapointing when it comes to foundation etc. I have medium brown skin, which is subject to quite a colour change in the course of winter-summer and it is very hard for me to find a good foundation. Most brands have like 2323 varieties for caucasian skin and then or 2 very dark foundations. Not a good thing for me, esp. since I am Asian and have to keep an eye on wheter it matches with my skintone.

    I have been using Sensai Kanebo compact powder for years, but lately felt it looked too cakey powdery and just made my face dull looking. I switched to Bobbi Brown´s mineral compact powder foundation and it is awesome!

    I really feel that Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown are becoming my fave brands. I still shop other high end brands for lipsticks, but for all the other stuff I pass them by.

    I was wondering, the mineral foundation I use by Bobbi Brown is quite sheer, that is how I like it. I use a tinted moisturizer underneath, because I hate that thick liquid foundation look and I really don´t need it. Does anyone know if LM also makes colours in tinted moisturizer for tinted- medium brown skin?

    I would also love to know some rec´s for must have eye shadows- lipsticks etc. I have quite pigmented lips and my fave lippies are red. Also, I really want to use lipliner, but I don´t know what colour to get?
  8. Don't know what you mean my "must have" lipstick, but I also have pigmented lips and most products just don't show up unless they're very dark. I like LM's Cherrywood.

    Her best product is her creme eyeshadows in the tube. First, on a price per ounce basis, they are much cheaper than most other brands. Second, because they are in a tube they are protected from air and bacteria and therefore last much longer. (Wand and jar products, like mascara, many lip glosses, and creme e/s, are exposed to light and air and have a lifespan of about 6 months before they start to smell bad or dry out.)

    Did I mention I love her creme eyeshadows? :smile:
  9. Love Laura Mercier for tinted moisturizer, concealer, and foundation (at the moment). Don't own anything else, but that's only because I need to hold off on buying more make-up, lol.
  10. I have been looking at those! But, isn´t hard to blend with those eyeshadows?
  11. I use LM foundation powder and lip glace. I think LM has one of the best foundation powder out there.
  12. Cant wait to try her products!
  13. i love their foundation, in fact i only use their foundation!
  14. I use the silk crime foundation and love it! Full coverage