Switched to Laura Mercier!

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  1. Hi everyone. Anyone here a Laura Mercier fan? I have been using Chanel, Lancome and Dior "forever" (10+ years). I got tired with that "look" and threw it all away this morning.

    I had an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G experience at the Laura Mercier counter at Saks last night. Walked away looking stunning! Some items I just purchased:

    Oil free tinted moisturizer (in lieu of Lancome foundation)
    Black Karat eye shadow (a "baked" product!)
    Bamboo eye shadow
    Cocoa Eye Caviar Stick
    Golden Mosaic blush/hi-liter
    Naked lip liner
    Fresh Brown Lipstick
  2. I have only ever used the Tinted Moisturizer - what did you like about the products you purchased?
  3. Well, I've been attracted to and wearing lines (Lancome, etc.) that are dramatic and rich and seriously when just passing by the Mercier counter I used to keep on going...that bare look, or whatever perception I had, never wowed me.

    Ironically, I recently found out 3 of the most beautiful women I know wear Laura Mercier. They turned me on to it. That was all the endorsement I needed!

    The color of the baked shadows is incredible...wet or dry the color payout is fabulous and all the products listed just glide on, blend like a dream and feel like silk. I'd pay more for their products and to my surprise, the price point is exceptional. And the Saks and additonal Mercier bonus gifts don't hurt either! I even got my 3 friends a little gift ($15 each) of luxurious hand lotion (fig, etc.) for helping me switch!

    I was in a cosmetic rut...it's nice to have a "fresh" face!
  4. Sounds like the counter did an amazing job for you!

    I wish I had a counter around here that would do that, most of the ladies are just rude and never want to help myself or my Mom, it's so odd! I'm actually thinking now to get my Mom a flawless face kit for Christmas, she uses Lancome for years and years and although she has no wrinkles in her early 50's her foundation always looks "off" for some reason, maybe Laura Mercier could be great for her.

    I think it's great you like the "fresh" look, makes me want to try more of their line and the baked eyeshadow sounds great!
  5. In my quest to find a new/fresh look I actually "shopped" several lines and had makeovers at different stores...I tried a lot of everything and field tested each makeover for favorable reactions....men who checked me out, women who complemented me, how I felt, how it wore during a workout, etc.

    I LIKED a lot of it, but waited patiently until I found what I LOVED. I recommend Saks based on my experience. Nordstroms was so-so and Sephora was a joke! The line is important but you and the Specialist/Artist have to be "on the same page". Work with a pro and keep on going until you find one...it took me 8 tries (even same lines at different stores) before I scored. Don't succumb to any sales pressure either. It's your face and you need to radiate confidence and beauty, etc. You own it.
  6. Oh, I also picked up some awesome brushes/tools: cheek color brush, eye crease brush, eye color brush, smudge eyeliner brush (AWESOME!) and a 4-pack of anti-microbial sponges.
  7. I love her lipsticks. I think she has the best colors.
  8. I highly recommend her Lip Glacé items as well...that little hint of vanilla scent PLUS the lush feel and colors are totally sensual!

    I was thinking of doing a picture/color swatch show-n-tell thread if anyone is interested.
  9. *Exxotic1*

    So I finally busted out the Flawless Face kit I had purchased a while ago and used the entire thing. Later after a date with the boy he said my skin looked amazing and he asked if I did something different it didn't look cakey anywhere. I was happy he noticed! Definitely sticking with that.

    You've encouraged me to look at a few of her other products and pull the kit out of the closet! Thanks!
  10. Awesome! Let me know what else you like/recommend. Saks has a Mercier gift with purchase and the full sized Almond Coconut hand cream is seriously decadent! I'm giving one to a friend who recommended this line. The gift came with that, a cosmetic bag, cleansing oil (I also like), mini face polish (have not tried yet but will report back), and a flawless skin tone perfecting cream. (OMG! I have very good skin anyways but this just takes it to a whole new level!). On top of that Saks gives you another gift, choice or metallic tote and a $25 towards designer glasses and samples like Chanel Sublimage eye cream.
  11. If you like the fresh faced look, you should explore the Burberry collection as well.

  12. Thanks for the recommendation!
  13. I am a laura mercier fan as well !!

    OP, their eye brow pot is fantastic as well. that is the thing i love the most ~
    and i have the exactly same lip liner as you, love it so much, planning to get some lip stick from them :biggrin:
  14. I also am a huge LM fan and am doing a slow transition. I love the secret camouflage, primer as well as the foundation. The face products are amazing and give a flawless finish.
    I recommend you try them if you haven't already.
  15. I just picked up one of her glosses today. I'm a die hard Armani fan, but I could not resist!