Switched to Laura Mercier!

  1. I'm a die hard Bobbi Brown fan, but my Bobbi SA recently went to Laura Mercier. In the past, I'd only purchased her brushes, because they're really good quality. But now I've ventured into her cosmetics and I'm super pleased with the quality and color pay off.

    Yesterday, I picked up the Limited Edition Luxe Colour Portfolio - it's great for travel, I really like the cake liner and brushes are always a bonus.
    Cavier sticks in Khaki, Plum, Jungle and Sapphire - talk about the perfect shadows for smokey eyes!!!! No creasing, no need for primer.
  2. How ironic for your thread.....I JUST became a Laura Mercier convert this very week!!

    I was in my Sephora, browsing my usual Dior, Guerlain, Too Faced etc. collections...when I thought to myself "why can't I find the exact makeup shades I want??"...which are earthy neutrals that are beige based...shadows with NO shimmer, lipsticks that are matte and not glossy, makeup for the almost 40 year old me....I stumbled upon LM's new Holiday sets, which are TDF...I bought up the lip glace set, the book of nudes shadows and the rose highlight powders, plus a lipstick.

    I am thrilled with her products, and at sephora right now the 500 point perk is a LM set!!!!!! I am now wanting all her products!!
  3. I love her lip glace's, tinted moisturizer, and brightening powder!
  4. How do you like the mini lip glace set? I almost bought that yesterday, but only one of the colours was a definite go on me.... still tempted.

    I love her plumping glosses. Just enough to plump but not hurt or dry your lips out & not sticky!

    Her foundations & TMs however do not work for me - they all break me out.
  5. Hm.. has anyone notice the colours they have at Sephora are different than what they have at LM counters or online? :thinking:
  6. that happens. nothing to be alarmed about. Sometimes cosmetics companies makes colors exclusive to certain stores.

    Like Bobbi Brown has QVC products that are only sold on QVC.
  7. I've always wanted to try Laura Mercier because I've heard great things about it, but the only store that sells them here (I live in Canada) is Sephora, and the MUA don't know much about their products or how to use them effectively... (one time I asked for a recommendation for eye cream, and the MUA had to go find someone else to help her decide; another time, I wanted to try out Bare Escentuals for the first time, and the way she put it on made it look SO cakey--- I'm glad I gave it a chance and bought it anyway and tried it out on my own...SO much better).
  8. I have one of the LM eye pencils from about a month ago, but the mascara LM makes irritates my eyes for some reason. I do love the brown caviar eye pencil I got!
  9. I've yet to try the caviar sticks, maybe on your recommendations I may.

    I still love the Tinted Moisturizer, Primer, and Cake Eyeliner. All every day products for me! I'm young (early 20s) but feel her products are great for every age.
  10. The brown was not my first pic, but since the SA used it on me, and I liked the look I picked it up. It's the only one so far I've gotten, but I'll probably go back and get more when I figure out what colors I'd like to add to my collection of pencils over all.
  11. I've added even more to my collection: black orchid lip color, pink mosaic shimmer bloc, caviar eye stick in plum...and a chestnut lip liner with espresso lip color.

    This week I'll pick up a few items from her Moonlight Collection. I really think her products are excellent...including her skin care.

    I'll have to post pictures of my collection...the colors and quality are just wonderful!

  12. I actually love the lip glaces...they are not sticky, and they last a decent amount of time. they have a faint vanilla smell too, which is pleasant.
  13. I am canadian too, so Sephora is where I get my LM from....try the sets if you want to ease into a new brand...the book of nudes has shadow, liner, blush and bronzer...the colours are very flattering!!
  14. I'm in Canada too & our Holt Renfrew has a much nicer LM counter than Sephora does.
  15. Our local Sephora is an unsanitary, revolting mess...it's a crime how disgusting the Laura Mercier counter/display is at that store. I even contacted LM's Corp. Office to complain.