Suede bags - love them or hate them??

  1. I hate how Coach keeps coming out with REALLY cute bags.. in SUEDE!! I love getting them and then I'll seriously use them once before putting them away bc I'm too afraid to ruin the suede. I had a purple demi that I never took out bc I was afraid it'd get dirty so I ended up selling it before I wrecked it LOL. And the only other suede bag I have is a signature stripe demi and I love it to death, but never carry it bc I'm afraid the stripes will get dirty :lol:

    Does anyone else have a love/hate relationship with suede?
  2. I LOVE suede bags. I have quite a few. I guess I'm pretty careful with them cause I've never had a problem. Can't take them out in all kinds of weather though.
  3. ^ I LOVE your purple suede satchel bagnshoo it's so adorable!! I only wish I wasn't such a klutz otherwise I'd go on a suede shopping spree LOL.
  4. Love them but hate them too!
  5. coach suede does get dirty pretty easily! I've started spraying my bags with shining monkey and it definately helps keep them clean. I always said I'd never get an all suede bag, but the new totes for fall sound so cute ... :love:
  6. I love the looks, but hate how they wear.
  7. awww c' can handle it!:devil: :graucho:
  8. I have 2 in dark brown and one that has purple suede trim and they are pretty durable. I would be scared to get a light colored suede but dark colors do well.:flowers:
  9. I have 3 all suede bags. I've used them each about once only. I baby them too but I won't hesitate to use them more this fall/winter.
  10. Ooooh... I love suede! I'm just afraid to take it to work since the classrooms are so dirty. I wore a pair of suede pants there last year and came home looking like a giant lint ball or something. :roflmfao: I'd hate to see that happen to a gorgeous suede purse! :crybaby:

    But they ARE beautiful. I was playing around with some at the mall the other day and my husband was like, "No... put it down... don't think about it..." since I'm already planning the purchase of two other bags!
  11. Love them..have a couple of green suede bags..use them lots. They hold up fine...but if I do get them a little dirty I just use the suede cleaning kit that comes with them. If you don't have can buy a suede cleaning kit in the shoe department at Nordstroms.
  12. Its a definite love/hate relationship with me. They have such beautiful things that come out in suede but I dont trust myself to take care of them properly :sad:
  13. im thinking of getting the wristlet... i dont like the contrasting white threading on the suede bags or else id be more interested.
  14. ^ LOL aarti you really notice the details! :lol: I love ur suede trim apple coin purse.. it's soo adorable =)
  15. I don't like suede at all. If a bag is suede, I wouldn't even consider it. Suede takes too much maintence