Struck out again!

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  1. I called my local LV to check to see if they have the Trevi PM and no go...sold out. In fact, its pretty much sold out everywhere. I don't really feel like trying to hunt it down all over the country, so I am looking for an alternative.
    The other day my heart was set on a Tivoli GM, but after seeing it in RL, I am thinking its too big for me and what I carry (I need a medium sized bag for wallet, makeup, agenda, cell phone, etc) Tivoli PM is sold out of my local store and I am looking for more of a shoulder bag anyway... I am in a mini dilemma on what to move on to, since my first two choices have tanked. Hampstead MM looks cute, but kind of boring and I would prefer a zip or snap top to keep it shut. Popincourt Haut is cute but again, kind of plain. I love love the Manhattan PM, but its a handheld. BH and VH are too big.

    Should I just go all out and get the too-big Tivoli since its hot...or splurge on the Manhattan (giving up a shoulder bag)...or what else? Honestly, the only thing I am craving is a mini lin speedy in ebene and hehe, its a handheld. Hmmm...I hate decision making! LOL
  2. Wow you just have all the dilemma's !! Why not just wait for what you really want ??:confused1:
  3. which do you want the most? I'm 99% the store near me in MA has could call and order it, no?
  4. LOL yeah, just bored at work atm, so that gave me time to think about bags...
  5. I would get what you really want, even if it means waiting.
  6. wait it out it's perm so it'll come back in stock if that's the bag you really love be patient
  7. Hi,

    I am with you on the manhattan pm. I've had mine for a year and it is the best bag I have ever had.

    I love it's kind of funky chunky appearance. It looks so much better now it has developed a patina.

    It not only looks georgeous but works so well and holds so much. It's outside pockets hold keys and cell phone and work so well.

    I have been buying designer bags for years, have spent much more but this is my absolute favourite.

    I am a bit biased, but go Manhattan pm

    Hope this helpes.

  8. is this a limited bag ?
  9. Well both the Trevi PM and Manhattan PM are really cute. I have the Manhattan PM and would usually be biased, but somehow the Trevi PM screams out to me more. So especially since you want it so much, I think you should get the Trevi PM.
  10. I would wait for the Trevi. Odds are you will still want it after you get the other bag anyways.
  11. ~I'd def. wait for the Tivoli GM:yes:-that is if you're the shoulder bag kinda girl. I'm totally a shoulder-bag girl:love:, I don't care too much for Manhattan because it gets super heavy after a while:sad:~
  12. I would wait to get the one your really want
  13. I am the worst at waiting. I would go with manhattan.
  14. LOL me too...I hate waiting when I want something immediately....also, I figure, I could prolly buy a Trevi PM later on in a couple months when the newness wears down and more are available. (and its kinda spendy, so by then I can save up for it)

    I really like the mini lin in ebene, but aside from the Speedy, I never hear anyone talk about it...anyone have the Bolognue? (mispell)
  15. I think you should go for your 1st choice, the Trevi PM. I have this bag and I love it, although I rarely use it. It's one gorgeous bag.