Struck out again!


~Boy Addicted to LV~
Sep 3, 2007
tPF @ Louis Vuitton
I agree with the majority of the replies... wait it out and get what you really want. You will be so much more happy. If you get any of the others you will like them, but then you'll see, hear or think about the Trevi again and you will want to get it and once you do you will have spent more than you wanted to intially. I, myself, have wanted a Manhattan GM since June... however I didn't start "saving" for it until October. When it came on Tuesday, I was freaking psyched. I got the bag of my "dreams..." Wait it out honey... you'll get one ;)


FitMama Runs (and Shops!)
Aug 7, 2007
A beautiful 'burb of Minneapolis
I caved and ended up ordering a Tivoli heart was set on a Tivoli all week...and since my store didnt carry the PM I had given up. But, I called the 866 number, found a store and they are shipping it. Its less expensive than the Trevi, Trevi will be a purchase as a later date after the holidays. I am looking forward to the Tivoli...!