Speedy in mono or damier for Christmas?

  1. My wonderful hubby is buying me a speedy for Christmas and all along I have envisioned a mono, but now I'm considering the damier. I always thought the damier was too masculine looking. I have not seen anyone carrying a damier around where I live. I don't want my bag to "scream LV" but I want it to be known what I'm carrying and not be thought of as a fake! Is the mono way too common? Is the damier okay for jeans and casual clothes? I've read posts about the damier lining bleeding inside which concerns me and warnings about not to wear the mono out in the snow (I live in upstate NY). If anyone could give the pros and cons of each bag I would greatly appreciate it!!!
  2. I love and own both, sorry I couldn't be much help!
  3. I love the mono because it is what I associate with LV I would like to eventually get the damieras well though.
  4. I adore my mono, but I tried on a damier yesterday and loved it too! Either way you're gonna get a great bag :drool:
  5. I think someone else post the same question. I vote for Damier! You should try it on if you can, it's gorgeous!!!:yes:
  6. damier, you will absolutely love it!!!!!!
  7. Damier. It's easy maintenance, does not scream "LV" and not highly faked.
  8. I have the mono and love it...being a newbie to LV wanted to go mono...the patina process is so cool...I love the mono canvas..do you have a pug????
  9. Yes, I have a pug named Lily that I adore!
    Thanks for the posts. I would get a damier but I'm so worried about the bleeding!
  10. Can you go with your hubby to test the bag for the bleeding? I took a clean soft white towel with me and rubbed the lining on every bag. The bag I finally got doesn't transfer hardly any red onto the towel. Some of the bags are worse than others and some have no problem at all. So it's really a crap shoot. I love them both, but I got the damier 30 because of winter coming on and I didn't want to baby the vachetta. Mono is definitely faked more than damier. I've never seen anybody with a dami speedy where I live. I don't really care if anybody knows it's lv or not, but if you want to really shout out "Louis Vuitton", go for the mono. Either way, you win!!
  11. I would say for the winter months, get the Damier since it won't get ruined with the elements of the weather, then save up in the spring for the mono....I def. think you need to get both!!! :smile:
  12. Lily the pug how sweet she should be your avatar...me want pic...I :heart: pugs and LV...I love the mono..would like the paillion in daimer one day...do they all bleed in the daimer collection or just the speedies???

  13. antonia sure has the right idea!!! :graucho: i had to have both! used my mono this past summer, and now that it's colder, and predictably wetter here on the westcoast, just got a damier. The damier is s:huh::huh: easy, the lower maintenance sibling...I didn't have to worry a thing yesterday when it was bucketing rain. I freaked when my mono got caught in a slight drizzle! But I love them equally! Drats..I'm no help! :sad: :shrugs:
  14. I don't know if it's the batch or luck of the draw, but I don't have any bleeding problems with my damier.
  15. For your first speedy, I would go with a Mono.